Adventures in Youth: 4



Windermere Dock

This scenic view of Windermere must have been taken when I was a boy because the details are “right”. Everything is where it should be, and the look is exactly as I remember it.

Although you cannot tell from this overview, the road running down beside Windermere House is quite steep. At the turn in the road, it levels out slightly and then dips down again, heading for the dock area.

My adventure started at the top of the hill and ended at the dock.


My First Time on a Ten-Speed Bike

My usual ride was a clunky old beat-up bike. It had 28″ wheels and was definitely too large for me. But it was a way to get around and I couldn’t afford anything better.

One day, a friend offered me his bike to take for a spin. How could I resist? I was 10 years old and fearless.

Stupidly, I chose to ride down to the dock. I wasn’t used to hand brakes and the hill was steeper than I could properly handle.

I came flying down towards the water and had to make a tough decision: to stop I needed to hit something substantial or risk ending up in the drink. So I steered toward the open end of the building there. I slammed into the last post and fell to my side.

I hadn’t gone into Lake Rosseau, but I was battered and bruised. The bike was a little worse for wear, too.



Lake Rosseau and Windermere House as they are now

I have often pondered what would have happened if the building hadn’t been there. I can only imagine.

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