Is the Moon a Balloon?

Jonathan Cainer's Guide


Jonathan Cainer’s Guide to the Zodiac

Jonathan died in 2016. He would have been 60 years old today. It’s taken me a while to get around to that fact. I read his daily horoscopes in the Daily Mail, the Daily Express, the Daily Mirror, and then back in the Daily Mail. In other words, I followed his career while I lived in the UK. Someone needed to fill Patric Walker‘s shoes. Jonathan did.

This book was written in 1997. The edition I have was published in 2006, the year before I returned to Canada.

Its style is conversational, jokey and non-confrontational. Jonathan didn’t like to upset his readers, so he would gently poke fun as a way to teach lessons.


Moon in Scorpio

This is one planetary position that he and I share (along with a multitude of other individuals who do not wish to be named).

I will give his explanation of this planetary position to demonstrate his writing style.

I hope, when you checked your date of birth in the Moon sign tables, that you didn’t mark the page. You really don’t want anyone else to know you’ve got the Moon in Scorpio. If there’s someone looking over your shoulder now, quickly scan an adjacent definition and throw them off the scent. Come back and read the rest when you’ve made sure the door is closed, the curtains are drawn and there are no hidden cameras.

Am I joking? Not especially. I’m simply trying to illustrate the way that the Moon in Scorpio makes a person very sensitive about things they want nobody ever to find out about. They fear that they are unreasonably and exceptionally jealous, desirous, passionate and competitive. So powerful, indeed, do they consider their inner emotions that they keep a very tight lid on them, often denying to others and even to themselves that they exist. These people pretend to be easy-going, light and breezy, when all the time below the surface they are in a seething sea of angst, insecurity and turmoil.

Recognise the syndrome? I thought you might. So let me tell you something else. You may be mean and moody, possessive and broody, incurably suspicious of other people’s true motives and insatiably hungry for emotionally intense encounters. But you’re also deeply intuitive, magnificently creative and awe-inspiringly, accurately sensitive to the things that other people think and feel. None of which is anything to be ashamed of.


Moon in Scorpio, Sun in…

To show you how modifying the two energies can be, here are his entries, as stated in the book:

Aries Woe betide the person who ever crosses you. Both your Sun and Moon are ruled by Mars, planet of power, strength and victory at all costs!

Taurus Though you are often a little emotionally restless and eager to assert your will, you are also deeply wise, sensitive and intuitive.

Gemini Your breezy and bubbly Gemini ‘front’ is a very convenient mask behind which to hide your deep insight and emotional sensitivity.

Cancer You’re far too sensitive for your own good. You take too much to heart — but then you’ve got an awful lot of heart to take it all!

Leo There’s an iron first behind your velvet glove. It only ever comes out in self-defence, but those who underestimate you should take care.

Virgo If it were not for your devastating ability to be so self-critical you’d probably rule the country, if not the world, by now.

Libra You’re good at putting your tremendous insight to practical use. People usually find you wise and money tends to find its way to you.

Scorpio Others can take or leave you, for you are who you are and there’ll never be any changing you. Most, rightly, prefer to take you!

Sagittarius You’re always surprised by how deep your emotions run — they sneak up on you sideways. But your intuition is almost invariably right.

Capricorn You are very selective about who you will allow to be your friend but those in your special circle are as close to you as your family.

Aquarius Your Scorpio Moon is very conscious of what others think, so it tones down your Aquarian excesses and causes many people to look up to you.

Pisces You don’t really care where you’re going as long as you’re not forever staying in the same old place or frame of mind.



I enjoyed reading this book. It’s like dipping into a gentle pool of water, rather than being carried down a raging river. It is also intended for beginners to Astrology.

That is the level that I would most recommend for readers to be at, when they buy this book. Your knowledge will be increased, and you will be entertained at the same time.

What more could you want?!


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