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Satire: The Gospels as a “Jewish War” Prequel

Caesar’s Messiah (2005) I’ve always had this nagging feeling of unease when reading the stories of Jesus in the New Testament. I wrote of it before, preferring The Gospel of Thomas to the other ‘authorized’ gospels, even John’s. That a … Continue reading

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You Really Cannot Make This Stuff Up, or Can You?

Jesus: Last of the Pharaohs This book is the first one of a series written by Ralph Ellis. I have not read the rest. But I feel that I have skirted the central premise of this work, mainly due to … Continue reading

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Wishful Thinking or Literal Scripture?

Messiah (2020) We came to this show a bit late, since we didn’t have Netflix until May. I’d seen it on the lists but hesitated until last night. Now that I had a first look (episode one) I can see … Continue reading

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Another Name for the Holy Spirit?

Shekinah On Friday, Raymond, in our Faith & Science group Zoom meeting, wanted to demonstrate the use of words as conveyors of deeper, hidden symbolism. He then said a word in French, la colombe. Instantly, someone (I think it was … Continue reading

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Trump as the Messiah?

Cyrus the Great Reborn? It’s long been a puzzle to me about how evangelical Christians can embrace and support a man like Donald Trump. I’ve tried to tackle this before here. But that seems to be totally neither here nor … Continue reading

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