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Yesterday in History II

Derveni Papyrus Found (January 15, 1962) It’s all Greek to me… The Derveni papyrus, Europe’s oldest surviving manuscript dating from 340 BCE, is found in Greece. “The main part of the text is a commentary on a hexameter poem ascribed … Continue reading

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Is This Star the Centre of the Milky Way?

Alcyone (28° Taurus 52′) I came across a post on Facebook this morning which purports to be a message from the shamans of the Andes. This is a message from Andean shamans about the energy of change that will bring … Continue reading

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Let’s Face Facts: Alien Encounters have been Around a Long Time

The Books of Enoch (2011) I read the first of these three books in the late 1970’s. It became the basis of my screenplay “Raelity“. I’ve not read anything about them since then, except for a smattering of hints in … Continue reading

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