Is This Star the Centre of the Milky Way?

Alcyone (28° Taurus 52′)

I came across a post on Facebook this morning which purports to be a message from the shamans of the Andes.

This is a message from Andean shamans about the energy of change that will bring Earth to the summer solstice…

The indigenous people knew them, they never lost touch with the earth and the source, they knew how to interpret the messages of the universe, and they still do it…

Summer solstice has always been a sacred moment, a moment of reconnection with the source.

However, this time they announce an unusual moment in the sky and a milestone in the fate of mankind. On June 21th – summer solstice – Earth will be in direct and precise alignment with the centre of the galaxy and the central sun of Alcyon.

At this unique moment, Earth will receive the direct flow of very subtle and high-level energies from a divine source.

It is the energies of evolution, the energies that are capable of changing our genetic codes and causing evolutionary changes in species and planets.

On this day, we must accord ourselves to the highest of peace, love, among all living beings on earth.

Greg Willow

Always full of hope for mankind, always full of good advice. But is it true?

According to this image, the Galactic Anticenter is not directly in line with Alcyone. (In fact, given that Alcyone is ‘near’ the end of Taurus, and the Galactic Center is ‘near’ 0° Capricorn, I would suggest that they are inconjunct to each other, which makes this a stressful time.)

Text from “Encyclopedia of Astrology” by Nicholas de Vore (1947)

“Alcyone. A greenish yellow star; the brightest pf the Pleiades, representing one of the seven daughters of the nymph Pleione, by Atlas, who by Neptune became the mother of Hyreus. The names of the other six are Maia, Elecra, Taygeta, Sterope (or Asterope), Celano, and the invisible, or ‘lost’ one, Merope, who concealed herself from shame at having loved a mortal. That Alcyone was at one time presumed to be the center of the Milky Way Galaxy indicates that the ancients may have visualized Atlas as resting on this point while supporting the Earth on his shoulders.” (Page 95)


There may be some truth to these legends. We have been traveling through the ‘photon belt‘ for quite an number of years, now. The implication is that we are being bombarded with light.

Are these our ‘enlightened’ years? It looks to be true.

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  1. cdsmiller17 says:

    Of course, we know so much more nowadays. But today, Google suggested a post that discusses the fact that the Galactic Center is not a black hole but black matter. Have they been reading my posts? (I doubt it.)

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