Who is the Count of Saint Germain?


International Man of Mystery

While researching alchemy and alchemists, I came across the man who was a legend in his own lifetime (1710-1784). He also has a counterpart in Theosophical circles: St. Germain. But who is he, really?

My go-to book for all things Gnostic, Forbidden Faith by Richard Smoley, has but one paragraph about him, and even that has inconsistencies when compared with the volumes of information from Wikipedia that are shown in the above links:

The Comte de St.-Germain may have been a Sephardic Jew born in Portugal in 1710; he may also have been a Transylvanian nobleman named Francis Ragoczy. Wild rumors about him circulated — that he was centuries old, that he lived on nothing but an elixir that he made himself, that he had invented Freemasonry. He died in Germany in 1782 — but then was seen in Paris during the Revolution several years later. To this day, as an “ascended master,” he remains a vivid presence for devotees of the New Age, a number of whom claim to have had communications from him.

So what is one to make of this confusion and confabulation?

Yesterday, I wrote about the Tarot card, The Star(s). I did that with a purpose in mind. In the background of the image on the card is a pilgrim, identified by the text as a Gnostic. Can this be a hint? I think so.

International Man of History

My post about Colin Bloy had this subtitle. I thought I was being clever, linking Colin’s former work as a spy, for her majesty’s secret service, with the Austen Powers film of the (almost) same title. But that’s the way the Holy Spirit works. These clues are given long before the solution presents itself.


Colin Bloy image courtesy of Fountain International Magazine

For more information, click here.

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  5. That is the portrait of Louis XV, King of France! Not St Germain at all!


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