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International Man of History

I had the impression last night, after I thought what I might write today, that Colin likes my allusion to Austen Powers: International Man of Mystery, as he had a real life role as a spiritual ‘secret agent’.

After all, who else do we know that goes about the countryside correcting ley line energy, re-enacting psychic ceremonies and visiting other countries to ‘put the world to rights’?

His Chart


You might wonder how Suzanne Thomas and I came up with the details of Colin’s birth, since he’s been gone to the ‘other side’ for a number of years: for the year (me); dowsing for the time (Suzanne). It works every time.

The first thing to note is the fact that Colin’s Sun is in the final degree of Leo, on the cusp of his 5th House. I thought it looked familiar, somehow, so I checked Jesus’ death chart and discovered that his Sun is conjunct that chart’s Ascendant, an obvious link.

Just in case I was missing something, I also looked at Jesus’ birth chart and found that Colin’s Ascendant is conjunct that chart’s 9th House cusp, another obvious connection.

But what can that possibly mean? Was Colin the ‘second coming’ of Christ? Maybe…

Remember what I said about his being a spiritual ‘secret agent’? We have an interesting opposition going on between Saturn and the Mercury/Neptune conjunction in his chart. That’s a ‘spy’ energy if ever I saw one. Colin also used to work for Military Intelligence.

There is also a very important conjunction between Mars and Jupiter in his chart. Here’s what Robert Hand says in his book Planets in Youth: “In many areas of life, you are able to time your moves very well. You have an inborn sense of the best time to act, and you do it. Also you easily get people to go along with you, because you can make them believe that your course is best.” This is quite true, as we shall see later in this blog.

Colin has one unaspected planet, Venus: it is in the 5th House which now helps us to understand why he likes his food and refreshment so much.

His Midheaven is the pivot point of the chart. It is opposite his Pluto and is square to Uranus, trine the Ascendant, and inconjunct to both the Moon and the Sun, forming a Yod (‘finger of God’). As the Midheaven is 2° Aquarius, it seems that he was meant to inaugurate the Age of Aquarius.

The Birth of Fountain

What I am going to do now is highlight the combined charts of three events which are directly related to Colin’s work. The first one is, of course, the Birth of Fountain.


The timing of this event brings the charts’ two Ascendants in fairly close conjunction, about 6° apart! Colin’s Uranus and Saturn form another Yod, this time pointing at the event’s Sun. And Colin’s Mars/Jupiter conjunction is close to the event’s Venus in Scorpio, in that overloaded 6th House. A mighty ‘wind’ (his spirit) is blowing through the Birth of Fountain.

Church of Love

This chart is just two days after the Chernobyl disaster. What great timing (again)!


Colin’s Moon is conjunct the event’s Ascendant and in opposition to its Mars/Neptune conjunction. Also Colin’s Saturn is conjunct the event’s Jupiter near its 9th House cusp.

Maybe Pluto’s power surge allowed the breakthrough for the Cathar Church of Love to be finally ‘expressed’ after being burned and buried since 1244 AD.

Glastonbury Grail Stone

I’ve saved the best one for last, even though it was the first in this series of events…


The event’s Ascendant is closely connected to Colin’s Mercury/Neptune conjunction, so this is highlighting his spiritual ‘secret agent’ work. And Colin’s Pluto is close to the event’s Mars, making this a warrior knight energy. This is reinforced by Colin’s Mars/Jupiter conjunction being centred by the event’s Uranus.

But the most outstanding feature is the almost exact conjunction between Colin’s Ascendant and the event’s Midheaven. In my humble opinion, Colin’s role here on Earth was to anchor this psychic event in the physical world by placing the Grail Stone on the tomb of King Arthur. Could there be a more perfect way to show this? I think not.


Was Colin the Second Coming? Colin himself has downplayed the concept of reincarnation. In his terms, he says that there are multi-dimensions around us which may sometimes impinge on our consciousness. Our feeling of being someone else before may just be the energy of that time and place (and person) acting upon us.

Also Colin was ever hopeful that whatever work he and his band of workers have done would be of benefit to the world. I shall end this with a direct quote from him:

So what had we done? Apart from the inference that we were an innocent band of pleasantly harmless folk fantasizing an occult romance, one had to face the fact that the dowsing results showed everything to be different. Therefore, my conclusion is that at least some of the objectives of the exercise were achieved. It is arguable that we had little free will in the matter, and we might as well have been hired hands performing a cosmic puppet show which was inevitable, with a script written by others. I wonder. I had often felt this to be the case, but I had never any doubt that we were going to go through with it, and the question of what would happen if we didn’t go through with it seemed both apposite and irrelevant at the same time.

I reasoned thus. The shift from a factor 7 to a factor of 8 had taken place. On the face of it, human consciousness had moved one stage up the scale. What did it mean in practical terms? We had to bear in mind that occult tradition in general, and the Revelation of St John and the account of Genesis in particular, had indicated that the basic rhythm of the earth was on a 7 frequency. What would happen if it were now on an 8, 8 being the number of infinity, a good number for the Aquarian Age. The first thought that occurred to me was that, whereas the basic bio-rhythms were on a 7 in the past – the 7 days a week, no one could expect this to change – however, perhaps the fact that the ley system no longer reflected this indicated that man’s higher self could escape from this rhythm. I also reflected that whereas I had at last made sense of the Elohim symbol, now one had to cope with the Chloe symbol, a circle with the 1.30 to 2.30 section missing. What could this mean? I do not know nor can I surmise. The significance of this symbol will become apparent in the next Age. It is no wonder to me that David was having problems with his old friends in the Celestial Hierarchy. On Kabbalistic level their numerological function had been changed, consequently even their names might change. Perhaps a new Revelation is necessary and a whole new nomenclature and identification of Function. Perhaps David has to do this. A whole new divine cosmology may be necessary.

As to the other objectives of the operation, time alone will tell. I hope and pray they work. Perhaps the new age will spark off a new and general awareness of the Christ spirit in everyone which will bring to an end the current struggle between Marxism and a democratic freedom which is purposeless. Perhaps the time has come when political leaders can lead men to the stars instead of to the trough or the dole queue, when the subjugation of the individual to the state bureaucracy or the search for material satisfaction can be replaced by a conscious search for spiritual fulfilment in a new relationship with the cosmos. Fervently I hope so.

Thomas, Suzanne; Bloy, Colin. Who’d Have Thought It: A Community Healing Project (Page 80). . Kindle Edition.

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