The Proof of a Connection Between Colin Bloy and…

The Count of St. Germain (who died February 27, 1784)

Engraving of lost portrait, courtesy of Wikipedia

Here we are again: my presumption that Colin Bloy was the reincarnation of the Count needs some proof. The only detail of his life is his death, so let’s look at that, shall we?

As the details are sketchy, to say the least, I have set the time for 12:00 noon. Uranus conjunct the Ascendant in Cancer will do nicely. He died suddenly. That seems to fit. Also this conjunction is inconjunct the ‘fatal’ Mercury/Pluto conjunction in Aquarius. Interesting.

Now, compare the Count’s death chart with Colin’s birth chart:

Oh-ho! There you go: Colin’s Saturn is conjunct the Count’s ‘fatal’ Sun/North Node/Midheaven in Pisces; the Count’s Moon is conjunct Colin’s Ascendant in Gemini; Colin’s Moon is conjunct the Count’s ‘fatal’ Uranus; and Colin’s North Node is conjunct the Count’s ‘fatal’ Saturn. One final link: the Count’s ‘fatal’ South Node is conjunct Colin’s Mercury/Neptune conjunction in Virgo. Reincarnation, for sure.

Because Colin Bloy never accepted the reality of reincarnation, this ‘proof’ would have been lost on him. However, I’ve said many times that you don’t have to believe something for it to be true.

I’m just glad that I have proven it to myself.

Any one of these three Count of St. Germain quotes could have come from Colin Bloy, instead.

Just saying.

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