Uri Geller: Master of Deception?


Let’s face it, Uri Geller is an enigma. What do we really know about him, other than what he wants us to know? Nothing. There’s been a lot of speculation: let’s use the power of Astrology to review his life so far.

The Incident

Uri Geller Birth Chart

According to Uri’s own account, he was contacted by the occupant of a UFO in December 1949, when he was three years of age. Here’s how Andrija Puharich relates the tale in his book URI: A Journal of the Mystery of Uri Geller:

‘Uri awoke from what seemed like a long, long sleep, and he knew by his stomach clock, and by the shadows, that he had missed his noonday meal. He decided to take a trip around this vast scented forest before going home. As he reached the south side of the pool, with the sun at his back, he looked up at the clear sky over the pool. Slowly settling down from the sky was a huge, silent, bowl-shaped object. He stared in fascination: What kind of airplane was this? All the planes his father had shown him were wonderfully noisy things with bird-like wings. This one was as quiet as his garden. It looked like the bottom of his mother’s huge aluminum bowl, which she used to wash vegetables. It gave him a feeling of peace and beauty and of strength like when he was with his father.

‘Suddenly between himself and the bowl in the sky there was the shadow of a huge figure like the shadow of a man with a long cape, because there were no arms or legs to be seen. As he stared at this figure, a blinding ray of light came from its head and struck Uri so forcibly that he fell over backward and into a deep sleep.’ (Page 3)

He awake some time later to the setting sun, and looked for the bowl but didn’t see it again.

The ‘Trick’ Watch

In June 1953, at 10:30 am one hot Tel Aviv day, Uri was bored with the Hebrew classroom. He wished it to be 12 noon so he could have lunch and get outside to play. For a second, he thought about the metal bowl in the sky. When he looked at his watch, and it read 12 o’clock. That night he gave the watch to his mother to get it fixed. A week later he got it back. We pick up the story from Puharich’s book.

‘It was another hot, steamy day. He wished school was over. He looked at the wall clock. It read only 10:30 A.M. He looked at his wristwatch. It said 12 noon. He was angry. He thought, “Stupid watch — work right!” He looked at the watch again. It was 11:30 A.M. He looked around to see if any of his classmates were watching him. No one paid any attention. Then he closed his eyes — wished hard that it would be 12 noon and that class would be over! He peeked at his wristwatch and it said 12 noon. He felt his heart leap! But when he looked at the wall clock, it was 10:31 A.M., and his heart sank. He couldn’t get out of this classroom. He looked back at his wristwatch, which now read the same as the wall clock, 10:31. Now he was getting angry.’ (Page 5)

He got his friend Mordechai to hold the watch while he concentrated on the end of the school day. Mordechai confirmed that the hands were at 12 noon, although the wall clock was still about 10:30. Later, when Uri showed some other children what his watch could do, they asked him how the trick worked. When he said it wasn’t a trick, they jeered at him. He stopped showing them what the watch could do after that.

Spying for Israel in Cyprus

One day, after he and his mother moved to Cyprus (his parents had separated due to his father’s involvement as an Israeli soldier), Uri overheard a conversation between a resident at his step-father’s hotel and some other men,who were obviously spies. He subsequently approached the man, and they became friends. When Uri confronted him about his extracurricular activities, the man offered to let Uri work for him, as a courier, to keep him quiet about it. We pick up Puharich’s retelling of the tale.

‘Thus it was that Uri became a courier for an Israeli spy ring on Cyprus when he was sixteen years old. About a year later, after he had seen Joav come and go from the island many times, he was complimented by Joav for doing a good job. One of the things that Uri had to do was to deliver the letters he picked up to the Israeli consulate when Joav was not on the island.’ (Pages 17-18)

However, that year, Uri’s stepfather died of a heart attack, and his mother, after trying to make a go of the small hotel for a couple of years, had to sell it for a sacrifice price. She and Uri moved back to Tel Aviv just before his eighteenth birthday. He then joined the Israeli armed forces as a paratrooper.

His Birth Chart tells the same tale

Uri Geller Birth Chart 2

If you are wondering why I would spend so much time outlining these three incidents from his formative years, please understand that the birth chart shows a similar time line. But because I cannot know for sure what time Uri Geller was born, I have relied upon information that others have ‘divined’ (for want of a better term).

I suspect that the choice of the timing of this birth was taken in order to have Chiron (‘the wounded healer’) be conjunct his Ascendant in Scorpio. The reason may have been to highlight the secretive side of his nature. I think that it is wrong. By moving the time of his birth to 6:25 pm, the positions of the planets then support the story of his life.

Mars as the Key

When Uri joined the Israeli armed forces, he saw battle during the Six Day War in 1967. What works for me is the placement of Mars as the final one in a series of planets. It is the planet that signifies ‘the soldier’ and also ‘accidents’. Whenever I want to rectify a chart (meaning, get the time right for the person’s birth), I focus on where Mars would be placed if the person came close to dying in his life. This second chart is more accurate as it places his age at about 21 years for the Mars incident.

Neptune as the Fairy Godmother

Now that we have Mars tied down, the planet Neptune appears in Uri’s chart at age three. This is the time when the UFO encounter took place. When the beam hit him, it was like having a magic wand waved over him and his life would never be the same. Neptune is the planet of illusion, and it seems to be activated at this early stage in Uri’s life. There has been a lot written about whether he is really psychic or just a great mentalist. It would seem that James Randi has bet a lot of money on the fact that Uri is a fake when it comes to any ‘real’ ability.

According to Randi, ‘Psychics, those who claim to be able to read minds, to move objects at a distance by “mind power,” and to do other “supernatural” things, seem to be more than just gifted people. They also have a very special set of rules by which they operate, and by which they insist on being judged. The “negative success” business is just one special rule. It means that when you win, you win; and when you lose, you win…Psychics cannot function when nonbelievers are present, either. Even the presence of a skeptic dooms their experiments to failure, and causes them great distress.’ Randi, James (2011-08-28). The Truth About Uri Geller (Kindle Locations 237-241). James Randi Educational Foundation. Kindle Edition.

We also have a clue about his reasons for being this way: the ‘trick’ watch incident.

Jupiter/Venus Conjunction as Motivation

When Uri was about six-and-a-half, he started moving the hands of his watch by just using his ‘mind’. The Jupiter/Venus conjunction fits in with that timing. The following is a quote from Robert Hand’s Planets in Youth: ‘This is an extremely positive aspect in most ways. It indicates that you are warm, generous and affectionate, and you enjoy receiving affection from others as well. You are faithful to your friends and loved ones, for you understand that liking people gives you a responsibility to do what is right by them. You don’t think of this as a burden, but as part of being with people, which you enjoy. You are very social and enjoy parties and good times. Being with others, either singly or in groups, brings out the best in you. You seem to inspire other people and raise their spirits.’ (Page 194)

I think that sharing his ‘trick’ watch experience with others made him leery of being considered a fake and a fraud, For this reason, he started bending spoons ‘with his mind’ to win peoples’ admiration and acclaim. But according to Randi, Uri is nothing more than a very good conjurer. This could be true, because the placement of Venus and Jupiter (and the Moon) is in the secretive sign of Scorpio.

He does not want to be made fun of any more, so even if he were perpetrating a fraud with the spoon, he would never admit to it.

Pluto as the Energizer

There is a need to shine, as we have already seen, but the way Uri shines has a decidedly disquieting energy attached to it. Pluto (conjunct to Saturn) is in the first house (the ‘Personality’) in the sign of Leo, which represents the ‘Entertainer’. I suspect the whole world is Uri’s stage and the more controversial he is, the better he likes it. Pluto is akin to having a deep psychological itch that needs scratching. If he wasn’t successful as an entertainer, he would have considered himself a failure. He needn’t have worried.

Sun as a Career

Finally, by having Mars where it is now, I can then see where the Sun is (and in this case, it’s between 16 and 18 years of age). That means that the adventure Uri had in Cyprus as a budding spy looks like the start of his ‘real’ career.

Uranus the Lightbringer

The position of Uranus at the cusp of the twelfth house in the sign of Gemini may be pivotal to the fullest understanding of what the enigma of Uri Geller’s life is. His purpose is to bring a higher electrical energy into this world. It is true that his effect on people in the 1970’s was electrifying. Did you know that ‘Uri’ means ‘light’? Doesn’t that tell you everything?

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