I read this book in the late 1970’s. The premise that humans would turn to extraterrestrials for help and guidance wasn’t so far-fetched back then. Now I wonder: what were we thinking?

Andrija Puharich: the common link?


Prelude to the Landing on Planet Earth cover

Last year, I came across a posting on Facebook that purported to come from ‘The Nine’. At the time, I thought, ‘Where have I heard that name before?’ The piece, which was an exhortation to keep the faith, seemed so much of the same stuff that had done the rounds in the UK in the 1990’s. That was when I started searching my memory banks for any connections.

It wasn’t long before I resorted to the internet to give me a clue. And, surprise, surprise, the clue turned out to be the work Andrija Puharich did with Uri Geller in the early 70’s. It was then that I obtained a copy of Uri, a journal of their time together. I was under the misapprehension that I had read this book before. But as I started reading it, I found too much of it was full of improbable events of teleportation.

It was familiar territory, in that I knew that such things existed (at least in theory), but this book was strange because¬†it seemed so far ‘out there’.

The Nine: for good or evil?


Ascended Masters

Partway through the Uri book, I began to see a connection to the present book I am reviewing, written by Stuart Holroyd. This is a very rare book (in the sense that you cannot get it cheaply). It turned out to have been transcribed on a site on the internet here with its name changed slightly to the paperback version’s title.

Central to the story is this group of individuals called “The Nine“. The author maintains a healthy skepticism throughout, but the channelled information is so pervasive and persuasive, that it is difficult to suspend belief for too long. In their own words (spoken through a medium, of course), they are intelligences, principles, sometimes computers/sometimes souls, and mostly ‘other-worldly’.

The Nine (even though they are “One”) are here to help humankind evolve to the next level of spirituality. At that level, their purpose seems to be full of Hope for all of us.

But the only thing holding them back from a full-scale landing on planet earth is the fact that they cannot interfere with life here, unless we want them to. That’s the double-bind: if we invite them here, we are letting them take over, for they are seemingly well in advance of us. What if they turned out to be like the ‘space invaders’ in the TV programme V, who came in peace, but had other plans? Or what if they are like the ‘aliens’ from another dimension in the TV series Fringe, who wanted to degrade earth’s atmosphere so they could physically take over control?

Others have reservations about them, and Puharich, as it turns out. For a different point of view, read this archive from emails relating to a post in Fortean Times.

The Watchers: angels or demons?



There is a long history of the ‘Watchers’, spiritual brothers who keep an eye of events in human history, to prevent us from destroying life here on earth. In my opinion, we need such supervision, especially for those in powerful positions in government. The “New Agers” would like us to return to the ‘good old days’ when we were more in touch with Gaia (Mother Earth). But civilization has moved on so much, especially in the last century, that trying to be ‘retro’ like that would be almost impossible.

If the ‘Space Brothers’ are really just an updated version of the ‘Watchers’ of old, we need to be very clear on their true agenda.

According to our myths, Adam and Eve were created and set loose in the Garden of Eden (‘delight’ in Hebrew). The Elohim (creator gods) were in constant contact with them. Then Adam and Eve ‘fell from grace’ for defying the ‘divine’ rule about picking the fruit from the ‘Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil’. That’s when things went wrong for them and (through the years) us.

All this time, we have been accompanied on our arduous journey by spiritual beings, who are not human in their understanding or temperament. We call them angels. It turns out that demons are really just ‘fallen’ angels stuck here on earth, doing time with us.

So the question is: are they trying to get us more spiritually evolved so we can all return to Paradise together?

My Conclusion


Superman Logo

In so many ways, The Nine need us as much as we need them. But they are in a precarious position of our not recognizing them, or at least not accepting them, as equals to this whole enterprise. We have such a need to be led by someone ‘superior’ to us, that we will not take responsibility for our own problems.

So, the ‘landing’ is still a long way off, and, in the meantime, we wait for the arrival of a Superman to rescue us from ourselves. What we need to do is start today to get our lives in order. Will you try to do your part?

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