Star: 9 – Jupiter/Saturn: The Star of David (part 2)

If Jupiter and Saturn (combined) symbolize the union of Church and State, Jesus’ message is clear: the roles of King and Priest are complete in him. The universal conflict is resolved.

Be perfect as your heavenly Father is perfect

A fascinating book, Meeting the Shadow: The Hidden Power of the Dark Side of Human Nature, contains contributions by a great many “thinkers” of this day and age. The most apt, for our study of this union of light and darkness, comes from Brother David Steindl-Rast in his The Shadow of Christianity: In contrast to some other traditions, Christians have not done particularly well in cultivating a practical method of integrating the shadow. This is part of the reason we have some of the problems that plague us today. In its enthusiasm for the divine light, Christian theology has not always done justice to the divine darkness. That has implications on the level of moral effort. If you are striving to be perfect and pure, everything depends on getting the right idea of what absolute purity and perfection mean. We tend to get trapped in the idea of a static perfection that leads to rigid perfectionism. Abstract speculation can create an image of God that is foreign to the human heart. On the level of religious doctrine, it’s a god that is purged of anything that we call dark. Then we try to live up to the standards of a God that is purely light and we can’t handle the darkness within us. And because we can’t handle it, we suppress it. But the more we suppress it, the more it leads its own life, because it’s not integrated. Before we know it, we are in serious trouble.

You can get out of that trap if you come back to the core of the Christian tradition, to the real message of Jesus. You find him, for instance, saying, “Be perfect as your heavenly Father is perfect.” Yet he makes it clear that this is not the perfection of suppressing the darkness, but the perfection of integrated wholeness. That’s the way Matthew puts it in the Sermon on the Mount. Jesus talks of our Father in heaven who lets the sun shine on the good and the bad, and lets the rain fall on the just and the unjust alike. It’s both the rain and the sun, not only the sun. And it’s both the just and the unjust. Jesus stresses the fact that God obviously allows the interplay of shadow and light. God approves of it. If God’s perfection allows for tensions to work themselves out, who are we to insist on a perfection in which all tensions are suppressed?

Meeting the Shadow


Christ Tempted by Satan 2

In his own life, Jesus lives with tension and embraces darkness. And as Christians we see in Jesus what God is like. That’s really what Christians believe about Jesus: in this man who is fully human — like us in all things except our alienation, our sinfulness — in this human we can see what God is like. And that human dies, crying out, “My God, why have you forsaken me?” At that moment darkness covers the whole earth, which is, of course, a poetic statement, not necessarily an historic account of what happened then. At that moment God reaches the greatest distance from God’s own being and embraces the darkness of utmost alienation. If God’s reality can embrace the one who cries out, “My God, why have you forsaken me?” and is, for all practical purposes, forsaken of God, and dies, then everything is embraced — death and life and every tension between them. And that moment is, according to the Gospel of John, not the prelude to the resurrection, not something that is then reversed by the resurrection, but is the resurrection. Jesus says earlier, “When I am lifted up from the earth, I shall draw all things to myself.” According to the theology of the Gospel of John, the lifting up is the lifting up on the cross. His death on the cross is the moment of his glory. It’s an upside-down glory. It’s the ultimate shame for someone to be executed on the cross. But for the eyes of faith Jesus is “lifted up.” That is the resurrection. That is the ascension. That is also the pouring out of the spirit: he dies with a loud cry — that means with power, not with a whimper — and he hands over his spirit. At that moment the whole world is filled with the divine spirit. The vessel is broken and the fragrance fills the whole house. It’s all profoundly poetic. You cannot understand the Gospel of John without a sense of poetry. It is a poem from beginning to end. Because we have failed to read it that way, we get into all sorts of traps.

The moral implications of all this are deeply anchored in the Christian tradition from its earliest statements on. We touch here the rock-bottom of the Christian tradition. Yet this integration of light and darkness hasn’t been explored properly. This is the problem. Traditions do not always develop evenly. We have only had two thousand years. There are much older traditions. Give us another two thousand years and we may catch up.

Le Serpent Rouge


Le Serpent Rouge cover

In Genisis, we find that the union of the Seal of Solomon (a hexagram) and the Star of David (esoterically a pentagram) was found by David Wood in a ‘landscape’ Temple of Solomon.

Now with the clues from La Serpent Rouge, I concentrated my attention in a specific area. Aquarius and Pisces linked together read:

‘How strange are the manuscripts of this friend, great traveler of the unknown. They come together as white light but for one who knows, separately they are the colors of the rainbow; for the artist these six colors unite like magic in his palette and form black.’

‘This friend, how would you know him? His name is a mystery but his number is that of a famous seal. How can one describe him? Maybe like the pilot of the everlasting Ark of Noah, impressive like a pillar of his white rock looking beyond the black rock towards the south.’

To me there was absolutely no doubt about the interpretation. ‘Great traveler of the unknown’ was clearly the sun — Ra of Egyptian legend fame, and ‘friend’ indeed. The ‘manuscripts’ referred to previously under Aries as ‘parchments’ could only be messages of some sort, delivered in the form of sunlight which, ‘coming together’, appear to be white light, but this is in actual fact a composite of all the colors of the rainbow: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. As painter’s pigment they combine to make black. But surely here we have seven colors? For a moment I was puzzled by the reference to the figure six.

Was his name a mystery? It certainly was according to the Ra-Isis legend. I had therefore already decided that it was the sun which was being referred to: did this confirm it? Esoteric, and particularly Egyptian, doctrine states that the number of the sun is 6 — in geometric terms, the hexagram. Or the famous Seal of Solomon, (SOL-OM-ON) means sun. It was proof enough for me.

The Number Six


Genisis cover

Here’s how David Wood defines the number 6The Sun: Ra, the sun-god of many names, but he is said to have a secret name, known only to Isis. I believe it is a secret number.

As the universal source of power on the earth, he insists that he is acknowledged and worshipped by all earthly creatures — the sustainer of all living things. He provides the energy required by Thoth to execute the will of the Creator. He marks the passage of the day and the year — all his attributes are masculine and his symbol is the hexagram — the six-pointed star adopted by Judaism. This is also referred to as the Star of David and King David named his son Sol-om-on in deference to Ra.

His number is associated with cyclic motion and he controls the movement of the planets. His own time is measured in periods of 60 of our years (a hen period) and two of these represent one year of his life. These values are clearly shown at Rennes as the two intermediate circles. Their radii are 60 and 120 thousand inches and their presence is essential to the harmony of the geometry. It is also significant they are contained with the radius of Isis (180), which suggests her superiority, or at least that they fall within her understanding.

Balancing of Forces


Scepter and Orb (UK)

To me, a conjunction between Jupiter and Saturn has symbolized the union of Church and State ever since I did the “horary” chart of the marriage of the Prince and Princess of Wales. The timing of their wedding must have been advised by Penny Thornton, because she was known to be in contact with Diana during that time period, and has referred to their individual, composite and wedding charts in her book, Synastry. What amazes me is that the Jupiter-Saturn was also conjunct to the Ascendant at 5° Libra, which surly must be a sign of some sort as it is Jesus’ birth Ascendant. But I find it interesting that, over the years, Charles has not been able to dominate the relationship as you might have expected him to do, given the difference of their ages and his (eventual) royal position of King — symbolized by the Scepter (1) and the Orb (0) — ruler over all.

From Transpersonal Astrology: According to the Master DK (Esoteric Astrology) the last quarter of the twentieth century is overruled by the spirit of Libra, and this is a guarantee that there will be a balancing of forces as humanity moves into the twenty-first century. This will prevent major catastrophes. If one examines the present-day global situation (with the ‘inner eye’) one cannot but notice that a balancing of forces is taking place. The balancing of yin-yang forces, of capitalism and Communism, of individuality and group-consciousness, of masculine and feminine energies, and so on, is self-evident. It should be remembered that every sign is in truth a great spiritual life, and the spirit of Libra is that great cosmic Life which brings about balance between the opposites. Astrologers are also aware that Saturn and Jupiter had their triple conjunction in the sign of Libra in 1980/1, and this conjunction has effect for twenty years, until the next one occurs. If the planet of restriction, containment and objective consciousness (Saturn; 3rd Ray) and the planet of expansion, abundance and subjective consciousness (Jupiter; 2nd Ray) conjunct in Libra, the sign of balance, then we can see why all forces are in a cycle of balancing.

So, if the positive and the negative are combined by the conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn, we must find a way of demonstrating this fact in a mystical way, the subject of our next chapter on Neptune.

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