Once a Fraudster, Always a Fraudster?

Daniel Dunglas Home (March 20, 1833 – June 21, 1886)

Here’s another Ahtum Re link as confirmed in “Return of the Revolutionaries”. Daniel D Home was a ‘physical medium’, whatever that means, and has been accused of using trickery to fleece his supporters.

A physical medium is defined as someone who generates unusual physical phenomena, such as causing furniture to levitate. If someone is termed a physical medium, it implies that the levitation is being caused by an outside entity, such as a spirit. The medium acts as an intermediary for the spirit, so that the discarnate entity can cause levitation of objects, or other phenomenon, on the physical plane. Typically, the medium does not understand how the spirit he or she channels creates the physical phenomenon.

Semkiw, Walter. Return of the Revolutionaries (pp. 169-170). Hampton Roads Publishing. Kindle Edition.

Unknown birth time? Yes, yet again, so I totally randomized the timing of this chart. I was hoping to see Neptune featured prominently, and ‘surprise, surprise’ it’s on the Descendant. There are no inconjuncts, so what you see is what you get. The T-square pointing at Mars from the opposition between Saturn on the Nadir with the Sun/Moon conjunction at the Midheaven kind of tells the whole tale.

Nowhere does it state that he died in Paris, but he’s buried there, so I’m placing his death there and setting the clock for 12 noon. That makes a double inconjunct from the Moon, pointing at the Mars/Jupiter conjunction in the Virgo 12th House (of the Unconscious).Hmm.

Uri Geller (December 20, 1946)

I’ve written about Uri Geller before. In fact, I rectified his chart, based on his childhood experiences.

Even in 2015, I wondered if Geller was everything he claimed to be. So this past life connection to Daniel Home really is my confirmation that I was correct in doubting Geller’s tall tales.

At first glance, there seems to be very few connections between these two men. But then I spotted Home’s natal North Node (and Ascendant) conjunct Geller’s natal Ascendant, which I had rectified. Also, Home’s natal Mars is conjunct Geller’s natal Uranus. The rest are probably just oppositions: Home’s ‘fatal’ Sun/Midheaven conjunction opposite Geller’s natal Sun; Home’s ‘fatal’ Neptune opposite Geller’s natal Moon; and Home’s ‘fatal’ Venus (which is within 5° of Home’s natal Venus) is exactly opposite Geller’s Venus. Hmm. Talk about loving yourself too much?

Enough said?

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