This is the Man that William Blake Most Admired

Emanuel Swedenborg (February 8, 1688 [NS] – March 29, 1772)

Here’s another synchronistic event going on. I was sent by two members of our local “Faith & Science” group a link to a recent Richard Tarnas video. Evidently, he is working with Stanislav Grof, a man I’d never heard of before. Now the “Return of the Revolutionaries” book has linked Grof with Swedenborg.

Okay, okay, what the hell is going on? Ahtum Re must have their soul records at his fingertips.

Emanuel Swedenborg‘s birth chart is totally randomized. It’s comforting that there’s only one inconjunct.

Sun Inconjunct Pluto

You have a very strong will and can be quite stubborn, even when you don’t have any particular reason to be. It is as if you automatically resist any pressure to act in a particular way, even if you know it is good for you. This may arise from a fear of being controlled, helpless or manipulated by anyone else.

You are very serious for your age, perhaps too much so, for taking everything very seriously can destroy much of the joy in life. Not all encounters are important and require you to put yourself on the line, although you may try to live that way.

Life is but a dream, eh?

Not knowing his time of death, I set the clock for 12 noon. That inconjunct linking Saturn and Pluto may be significant later on.

Stanislav (Stan) Grof (July 1, 1931)

Stanislav Grof does not have much of a Wikipedia page. I wonder why. I had to search Astrology sites to get his birth place, date and time. I am relying upon others, here.

With this birth time, Grof has two inconjuncts, seemingly in parallel, as the energies are all 20° of their signs.

Venus Inconjunct Saturn

This aspect means that your family may make you feel that you are unworthy of love. Unless you are given a great deal of love while you are young, you will be attracted to cold and unfeeling people when you are an adult. Such people are an outward expression of your inner feeling of unworthiness.

Even without any pressure, you are likely to be more disciplined than most people your age. You don’t go overboard in anything, and you feel strongly that your worth depends on what you do and how much you accomplish.

Pluto Inconjunct Ascendant

This can be an indication that through experiences with others, you will be forced to undergo many significant changes in life. At times the crises may be quite unpleasant, but for the most part the results will be very positive, although for some people, they may be less constructive. But you must be very careful about the kind of people you get involved with.

With your friends, you must learn to give in at least as often as you get your way. Don’t let either you or your friend become dominant. Winning, losing and compromising in equal measure are all part of getting alone, which you may find hard.

(It should be recalled that Grof experimented with LSD in order to expand consciousness.)

Combining the Charts of Swedenborg with the Birth Chart of Grof

By now, you should have an awareness that direct links are ‘proof’ of reincarnation. Grof’s natal Saturn in conjunct Swedenborg’s ‘fatal’ Pluto, and Grof’s Pluto is conjunct Swedenborg’s natal Pluto. That’s strong consciousness explorations. And Grof’s Mars is within 3° of Swedenborg’s ‘fatal’ Neptune, while Grof’s Moon is conjunct Swedenborg’s natal Mercury. Finally, Swedenborg’s ‘fatal’ Sun is conjunct Grof’s natal North Node. “A-ha,” says I.

Demeter Mourning Persephone

This research is starting to reap a great deal of spiritual information.

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