Sleeper Cells: spiritual fifth columnists

The Coming of the Holy Grail

There aren’t too many books in this world which can turn one’s world-view entirely upside-down. This book does, and in such a way that it makes one wonder if one’s thinking has always been so cockeyed.

What is especially relevant for today’s society is how screwed up we are about religion. The Lord God of the Old Testament is definitely the villain of the piece. Jehovah is revealed to be Enlil of ancient Sumer. His sworn enemy, his brother Enki (whom we have equated with Satan, since forever) is the hero of this story. Enki is an agent for the ‘real’ Mother-Father of creation, Tiamat, equated to Sophia (Wisdom) in the West. See what I mean about our being screwed up about the ‘facts’?

Since the creation of Adam and Eve, Enlil has been trying to pervert the power of the Divine Feminine by denigrating the female sex, and oppressing the world with male-only power and control, through hatred, racial inequality and war. Hence, we are in the most repressed civilization now.

Mary Magdalene

Mary Magdalene and Jesus

It should come as no surprise that the Divine Feminine is represented by Mary Magdalene. Together with Jesus, she brought forth the Holy Grail in the form of her daughter, Tamar.

The British have a long association with Druidism, which has worshipped the Mother-Father God/dess through nature. Because the British Isles are infused with that energy, Mary Magdalene and Tamar went to England after Jesus’ crucifixion.

Hamish Miller dowsed (see above) the Michael and Mary ley lines in the South West of England, effectively tracing ‘dragon’ energy, which refers to the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine in the landscape. In the middle of these lines is Glastonbury Tor.

Glastonbury Tor is one of the most sacred sites of the Divine Feminine in the world.

Glastonbury Tor 2

Down with Enlil!

In chapter sixty-four, the authors Claire Nahmad and Michael Revill suggest ways to rid ourselves of the influence that keeps us under Enlil’s thumb:

“In preparing ourselves for the Grail, then, we need to overturn Enlil’s rule. How do we get rid of Enlil? We stop feeding him and his power-source! We do this by awakening from our heavy sleep in materialism (imposed by his design) and opening our consciousness to the spiritual reality of life. We do it by ridding our lives of cruelty in all its aspects – our own, perhaps unconscious, cruelty to others – our cruelty and violence of language, our cruelty and violence of thought; our cruelty to ourselves in imposing alienating value-systems on our lives which we flog ourselves mercilessly to maintain; and the cruelty inherent in our everyday lives through the exploitation of abused workers, of animals (whose terrible collective suffering, which we ourselves thoughtlessly inflict, is even greater than that of human beings) and of the planet.

“We do it by properly honouring and obeying the sacred feminine principle, which encourages us to be wise, to be nurturing and merciful, to see things by the light of the intuition and to be unafraid of the astonishing realities this light will reveal, and which will entail a final laying-down of the male supremacism that still exists and is still part of the societal framework and mores of our countries, in the West as much as in the East. Then the sacred masculine principle will arise in its true guise and glory, and men will come to see in wonderment who and what they truly are.

“We do it by sacrificing our need to be angry and resentful, contemptuous and demeaning, towards others, by recognising that we are children of the same all-embracing God and that this Divine Spirit loves each one of us equally, whatever and whoever we are. We do it by halting the urge within us to dominate or dictate, and by allowing an unshakeable respect for others, an empowering harmlessness, an inspired and loving tolerance, to flower within our attitudes to life.

“We do it by calling on and trusting our inner strength to resist the temptation to bow helplessly and succumb before those principles or those persons who would dominate or dictate to us. And we do it especially by refusing to bow to the tyrants of fear, shame, self-doubt, and the tyranny of the will of the little self – the self of earth which is not the ‘I Am’, called the self-will or the lower will – which always wants to dominate and dictate to us.

“Yet, most of all, we do it by reclaiming our most holy dragon heritage, granted to us from our very beginning in an ineffable act of love by Tiamat, which we have allowed Enlil to take from us.”

Welsh Dragon

Amen to that.

Dowsing: a journey beyond our five senses.

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  1. cdsmiller17 says:

    The title of this post reflects the fact that we seem to be asleep right now, but when we awaken to the ‘truth’, we will be ‘unknown’ rebels with a ‘just cause’. The ‘enemy’ won’t have a clue what happened to his Plan B for humanity… his Plan B being that he wants to destroy humanity.


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