Mystery: Can There Ever Be Benevolent Abductions?

Close Encounters

Close Encounters of the Third Kind

Most people would agree that an alien abduction is a frightening situation, benevolent or not. It is the equivalent of a wild animal being caught by a conservation group of scientists, who only wish to observe, tag, and release the animal back into the wild. The animal is scared out of its wits. With good reason: as far as it knows, these people want to kill and eat it, just like the other human predators do. (See what I mean?)

About Benevolent Abductions

Not all abductions are meant to harm you or steal you from your family. I am part of the many species working together for a great and wonderful project, of which not many Terrans understand the true purpose. this project is about the survival of your species throughout a vibratory enhancement, extracting you from the low density where the reptilian empires try very hard to maintain you for their benefit. Once your DNA attunes to a higher rate of frequency, you are free and so shall be your descendants. But the work not only needs to be done energetically; it also needs to be performed biologically, in each vibratory level of matter.

Particular bloodlines were selected by us a long time ago, and enhanced genetically in order to allow “alien” souls to incarnate. I am part, my child, of those who abduct within particular bloodlines in order to modify and prepare the receptacles for the envoyees, that they become able to receive their souls. Thus, the powers and tools of these alien souls are able to be performed such as energy work, frequency rising, healing and so. Their mission wouldn’t be successful using random and unprepared Terran indigenous avatars. This is why we need to perform these updates and regularly check their good condition.

These alien souls, my child, who descend into prepared Terran avatars, are souls like yours, invested with a benevolent mission for this planet. When you are still unaware of the purpose of these abductions, we prefer altering your memory not to scare you or disturb the course of this mission of yours. Remember, you were still an infant when you were taken on my ship, in order for me to check you up and make sure all was going well, and so did I with your grand-mother. My Egaroth input enabled your genetics to receive the wonderful higher frequency of your Pleiadean being. And this is why, also, I call you my child. This is what we do, in great secret, countering the darkness’ plans by sprinkling stars in your blood.

Danaan, Elena; Danaan, Elena. A Gift From The Stars: Extraterrestrial Contacts and Guide of Alien Races (pp. 356-357). UNKNOWN. Kindle Edition.

Long ago, I wrote about our being spiritual fifth columnists: this is the proof of that idea.


Their homeworld is Planet Nibiru, in a parallel dimension. The portal they use is located in the Orion zone, so that is why we associate them with this space quadrant. They come from a double star system and Nibiru orbits every 4000 years. The main star is named Immaru, and it is a small brown star host to many worlds. The sixth planet, Nibiru, has two satellites and resembles to Terra, in a higher density. “Anunnakene” means: human like. Although they are a Reptoid cold blooded life-form, they resemble Terrans but slightly taller (2.5 m / 8’) and more muscular. No hair, white skin. They have a very structured society in which females play an important role in politics and power, although the males rule above all. They reproduce by eggs. They are known to be among the most advanced societies regarding to genetic engineering. They play a lot with the genetics of conquered worlds and especially with children, trying to create servile hybrids helping their purposes anywhere in the galaxy. Anunnaki have been the source and spreading of great genetic biodiversity and racial confusion throughout this galaxy for these reasons. Great enemies of the Lyrans but as well of the Ciakahrr Empire. Technologically advanced and well equipped in warfare, their name is also feared in this galactic sector. There is a legend about them, about their creation. There was a time, a very long time ago, when conflict raged between Ashkera (Sirius B), and the Orion Empire. To resolve this fight, the male sovereign of Ashkera offered to mate with the Orion Queen and their offsprings were named after the first one, mix of the two races: Nibiru “divided from two”. They later on took the name of Anunnakene: “Human like”, given by the Orion Reptiloids, as they looked human but only in appearance. Their genetics was predominant reptiloid. They overcame the Reptilian race that was in power when they arrived on Terra and became the new rulers, provoking as well other settled colonies. The Reptoids that escaped went underground, and those who couldn’t escape, were called “Igigi” (“watchers”), by the Anunnaki and enslaved for 2500 years. The Ciakahrr (Draconians) had objected to the Anunnaki genetically modifying Terra’s hominids to become more evolved Human.

The Anunnaki eventually left Terra but before they did, they genetically engineered a large group of human specimens to a diminished level of consciousness in order to have a race of slaves to mine mainly the gold and other resources for them. They used for a long time one other race: the Solipsi Rai from Zeta Reticuli, and are now having ties and agreements with the Terran based Reptilians to share the management of humans. These contracts come in the larger scale agreements with the Draconian and Orion empires regarding o the conquered worlds, slavery, food chain and genetic experimentations. As it is also done on any other conquered world, the Anunnaki left an elite contingent on Terra in order to control and manipulate, by creating elite human organizations, making the Anunnaki the deep underground hidden part of the military-industrialextra-terrestrial complex. They work with, and against the Ciakahrr at the same time for the control of Terra, which interestingly reveals a breach in the plan: both work in cooperation to influence the long term human evolution and consciousness through systems and elite institutions, religious fundamentalism, patriarchal domination and a cult of greed and violence, but…they also are in competition against each other for the ultimate ownership of the planet, and this is where a big breach is. Their ship have a “T” shape.

Danaan, Elena; Danaan, Elena. A Gift From The Stars: Extraterrestrial Contacts and Guide of Alien Races (pp. 230-232). UNKNOWN. Kindle Edition.

We have heard of the Anunnaki before, haven’t we? And Nibiru has been on our radar, too.

Here are some illustrations for your understanding, borrowed from Craig Moscony: Abducted.

Here ends today’s lesson…

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  1. cdsmiller17 says:

    As this is my final post of Elena Danaan’s book, I contemplated her last name. Then I read this passage from Eckhart Tolle’s “A New Earth”: ‘The intensity will vary from a perhaps barely noticeable background sense of contentment to what the ancient sages of India called ananda — the bliss of Being.’ (Page 234) Ananda is an anagram of Danaan…

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