“When I Find Myself in Times of Trouble, Mother Myrah…”


For a long time, Elena Danaan did not know this entity’s name. But her effect was felt:

My next memory leaps to April 1983 in Marseille, when I was thirteen years old. I woke up one night sat on my bed, facing the wall, sweating, and breathless, my heart beating very fast. I saw something that looked like a screen in the wall with images of a weird landscape, with a hill towards where people were running in haste, and red glowing spaceships coming down from the sky to rescue them. Then, this beautiful alien woman appeared very vividly in the wall in front of me. She had soft pale skin, big wide green eyes, rosy lips, her hair was blond and straight, and she looked very serious. She was wearing a skin-tight shimmering blue uniform and a golden metallic belt with tiny devices attached to it. I drew this portrait below aftr this experience and all my life, even until very recently, I couldn’t open the notebook to even look at it because this drawing terrified me. I always knew, subconsciously, that if I looked at it, it would unlock a door I would rather ignore…

She said to me: “ Find Professor Jenkins in Ohio!” Then suddenly, behind her, I saw like if I was flying above a deserted landscape with a series of buildings (in my later research it turned out it was area 51, which is not in Ohio but wait for what follows…). The voice of the alien woman was repeating: “Find Professor Jenkins!”. Then, her face showed up again with a very imperative expression and she immediately disappeared like switching off a TV monitor. I did some research about this vision recently, and in Ohio there is a military facility well known for being involved with aliens and UFOs: Wright-Patterson USAF, in Dayton. And you will never guess: not only is the Ohio military base related to the Roswell crash and area 51, but a Professor Jenkins worked there at the time I was thirteen. I never dared or had the courage to try to contact him, even though he surely possessed some key information for me. Why me? Why him? Well, if you happen to read this, Professor, you may have the answer…

Danaan, Elena; Danaan, Elena. A Gift From The Stars: Extraterrestrial Contacts and Guide of Alien Races (pp. 21-23). UNKNOWN. Kindle Edition.

Yes, this is a direct link to all that I’ve been referencing before.

About Malevolent Abductions

There is nothing Terrans can do if they are chosen for these kind of abductions, in the sense that in this case, it is not down to a path of life or destiny. These beings are hunters, they are predators. They hunt, and hunt has nothing to do with destiny. Hunt is just bad luck. If they decide to go for you, there is nothing you can do to avoid their visit. But then, you can protect yourself and…take a chance. The only way you can do that is by blinding them with light, with your own power, raising your vibration that it blinds them, and they can’t catch you. You have to radiate your own power, your own light, especially if you are an emissary (Starseed). You can invoke your guardian spirit or ascended masters, they won’t probably help you directly but invoking them will give you confidence and strength. You will connect to the aura of these spirit beings maybe, but it is not necessary because you have the power to defend yourself. The problem is that the Maitrei, the Reptilians and the Greys, they use fear. Fear to trap you, fear to catch you, fear to make you vulnerable and be unable to defend yourself. Most of you, Terrans, have no trust in yourselves, in your own power, so invoking higher beings it is alright, it gives you confidence, but if you can shine your own high light, it is better and sometimes, it may work.

You know, we are trying to avoid these abductions; we’re doing our best, working hard to rescue people, especially children, because children are carrying the hope of your species you know and also, they are good value to trade for different despicable reasons. But we are not enough, we are not numerous enough. All these predatory races are very, very numerous, and it’s very difficult for us to deal with that. We do our best, but what you can do yourself is to trust in your power to say “no”. There is a way to get rid of the Maitrei for instance. You have to alter your DNA by vibration, sound if you prefer. Maitrei prey on a specific DNA that has been already altered in the past of the Terran species. Sound can do that, here is the frequency: 528 and also 532 Hz. Tell people to do this on their Pineal cortex. Sound it next to the head, the forehead area is a good place. Then, regarding to the Reptilians, there is nothing else you can do really, than keeping your vibration high.

So, and the other Grey species, this is easy: erase fear and keep vibes up, like with the Reptilians. The Reptilians are more cunning; you have to keep your protections high on your surroundings (places and people). To conclude: Predators are not linked to destiny, or a path of life. Even their selective hunt based upon the nature of your blood is only generated by practical purpose. They are just predators. Cast fear away, that’s the first step, and the main one. All is about keeping your vibration / frequency in the highest range as you can. Fear does the contrary effect (these predators want quick and easy preys, and not have to deal with blinding frequencies). There is no particular formula to say, but you can find any words that will give you strength and confidence, regarding to your culture and religion.

Danaan, Elena; Danaan, Elena. A Gift From The Stars: Extraterrestrial Contacts and Guide of Alien Races (pp. 355-356). UNKNOWN. Kindle Edition.

It’s a scary thing, for sure, but I find it interesting that Myrah focused on the Maitrei. This is a familiar name, common to both Benjamin Creme and Rael: Maitreya. Hmm.

And Myrah is an partial anagram of Mary.

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