Is This Someone with an Ax(e) to Grind?


Chaos and Confusion

Confusion comes from the outside, and it is a dissonance with your own true inner knowledge, a disturbance by something illogical to your way of functioning. Sometimes, confusion triggers you to drag you out of a fateful outcome, because you need to be shaken, challenged, questioned, in order to see clearer and take better decisions. Confusion is a dissonance creating chaos and chaos is change. Embrace confusion not as an foe but as a friend in disguise. Try to understand why chaos is here, and what does chaos want to tell you. (from Annax)

Danaan, Elena; Danaan, Elena. A Gift From The Stars: Extraterrestrial Contacts and Guide of Alien Races (pp. 351-352). UNKNOWN. Kindle Edition.

I suspect that the names of these Space Brothers and Sisters are hints as to their purpose.

The Vessel of Light

As long as I can remember, I was able to see through the Veil. Even more; sometimes, I would find myself outside of my body, floating as an evanescent being. My maternal grandmother had this ability too and and of course, some other powers defying the norms. She also could see the unseen and it seems that this was one of the many components of our bloodline’s heritage. I descended from a line of shaman women from an island in the Baltic sea, for whom journeying through realms of the sacred tree of life had no secrets. My grandmother started to teach me from the age of twelve the art of the Runes, but innocent games had opened my mind to strange possibilities. I remember we used to send energy fluids to each other by distance, giggling about the tickling effects in our hands and the invisible blasts provoking goosebumps all over our skin. I never thought these innocent games would one day make sense, by fitting with a bigger picture.

Yes, my grandmother also was abducted by aliens and probably, by the same beautiful and loving tall being who checked me out when I was a toddler: Annax, an Egaroth from Meissa, in the Orion constellation. They knew each other and the way Annax calls me “my child” brings up some questions for me. The same mystery also revolves around this other strong, deep, powerful feeling: I always considered my grandmother as being my mother way more than my true mother. Sometimes, when I was a young child, I considered my parents and thought: “these are not my real parents; I come from the stars”.

Annax, with whom I kept in contact, remains amusedly silent on this matter but with my knowledge about hybrid children being implanted within human women’s wombs, maybe Annax and my granny were my true biological parents. I feel for him such a profound love and as I described earlier in this book, the first time I recalled seeing Annax I was overwhelmed by joy and drawn to hug him as I would with a close relative. I learned later, after my first hypnosis session, that my soul-matrix was in the Pleiades and that my real body was over there, in a pod on planet Erra, waiting to be re-integrated when my mission is accomplished in this actual Terran avatar.

The soul has a journey of its own and can incarnate anywhere relevant to its choice. It rarely reincarnates within a same bloodline unless purposedly. Think about each planet like an oignon, with a multi-layer of different dimensions all superimposed to each other. This is a soul-matrix, or “home” for a soul (or light-being). We usually reincarnate within the same planetary multi-layered orb / soul-matrix, but for peculiar reasons, such as those called starseeds do, we can pick momentarily another planetary orb, and incarnate there as many times as necessary.

Danaan, Elena; Danaan, Elena. A Gift From The Stars: Extraterrestrial Contacts and Guide of Alien Races (pp. 368-369). UNKNOWN. Kindle Edition.

Annax’ name reminds me of Xanadu: does it you?


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  1. cdsmiller17 says:

    When Elena and some friends were about to entertain themselves with a Ouija board, Annax came through and warned her against doing so: she ignored his warning.


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