Question: Does One’s Blood Type Give Any Added Protection?

Type “O”

It’s been hinted at from various sources, including this report from last October.

But the question is, “Why?”

Virus of Fear

Corona Virus has been engineered by your people, with the push from the Reptilian hidden alliances. The aim is not to wipe out humanity because they need Terrans for personal purpose, but to spread fear and keep Terran humanity in terror, locked in the lower vibration. Do not express fear. Keep away from zones with potential infection and you will be fine. Wait for a while that the counter-process is put in place, this is taken care of, even if there is the potentiality of a lot of people dying down there. Be patient, prudent, and confident. Stay in the high frequency place, don’t downgrade, that is what they want. Just wait. I would like to tell the Terrans not to worry, and to trust in themselves. You know, this whole synthetic virus called Corona, it’s to be compared with what else is happening on this planet. Other diseases and sicknesses wipe out more people than it is recorded by the mediatized institutions. All is a question of currency, with these synthetic viruses. There is a very dark elite making a lot of profit upon human suffering. They don’t intend, these ones, to cure anyone, but to make the sick ones pay for a ghostly cure. This is so corrupted, so corrupted…

Danaan, Elena; Danaan, Elena. A Gift From The Stars: Extraterrestrial Contacts and Guide of Alien Races (p. 353). UNKNOWN. Kindle Edition.

I thought this all along, but most people cannot help falling into the trap of fearing the worst.

Alien Blood

“The following was channelled to me by Myrah, Pleiadean-Sirius B hybrid and a medical scientist specialised in inter-dimensional implant technologies. Here is what she replied to my question about why people having the (O-) blood group are more likely to be abducted.”

This is very simple: most blood groups on Terra are indigenous, except (O) group is extra-terrestrial. D protein was engineered by Anunnaki to make (O) compatible with other Terran blood types. You see, if two species chromosomes don’t match, the genetic difference results in a sterile offspring, and D protein palliates to that. If you have it, your blood is (+D). If not, your blood is (-D). If a Terran female with (-D) blood becomes pregnant with a (+D) foetus, her body will produce antigens signalling to her immune system that the foetus is toxic. The female’s body will instinctively try to kill its own child because D protein is extraterrestrial. The extraterrestrial gene that produces (O) is largely present in white tall Terran humanoids on Terra, with the highest concentration in the Basque region, where 40 percent of the population is (O-). Fifteen percent of Terra’s population only has the D protein absent.

So as I mentioned, Anunnaki are (O-), and to engineer hybrids with Terran indigenous, they added the D protein that allows the compatibility with any other Terran blood types. Now, with time, natural evolution and cross-breeding, the D has passed into all the other Terran blood types. Interestingly also, AB type has become compatible for hybridization too, but only with hybrids of Terran and extraterrestrial Reptoid. Lyrans tried to remove D protein in hope to make (O) sterile, because they wanted to create instead a new hybrid species with a better potential of evolution. Something indeed about the protein D, is that it makes it difficult to extract yourself from lower density, and you will notice that bodies filled with blood containing protein D will have an excruciating ascension process. This is why the Lyrans wanted to remove it, because it was locking down the spiritual evolution of Terran humans. For the -D bloods, it will go easier.

(O-) is special; it has Anunnaki vibration, without the D blocking the elevation of frequency, and there are particularities you find in the (O) blood types, or their offspring, even if the blood type is different: red hair, extra vertebrae, higher intelligence, higher blood pressure, eye sensitivity to sunlight, psychic elevated abilities. These distinct physical and psychic features are paired with a predilection for abductions. They are easier to abduct in reason of the ability of their energy field to shift density.(O) is a genetic blood match for reptilian species, because the Anunnaki who imported (O) group on Terra are a reptiloid species, and although they have better results with the protein D, the (O-) carries nonetheless genetic possibilities serving purpose of creating stronger hybrid races. The (O) blood type is a great compatible match for hybridization with a wide range of species such as Reptoids and Reptiloid based Greys (but to breed with Terrans, as I said, you need to add protein D). There is an interesting fact you may want to know as well: because (O) types are typical Reptoid and extraterrestrial Reptoid races have aversion to consume their own blood, they won’t abduct these individuals for food but for slave trade and cross-breeding programs only.

Danaan, Elena; Danaan, Elena. A Gift From The Stars: Extraterrestrial Contacts and Guide of Alien Races (pp. 345-347). UNKNOWN. Kindle Edition.

So, when I first wondered if COVID-19 was an alien virus, I had been prompted by spirit.

Is the message any clearer?

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