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Is This Material the Basis of Colin Bloy’s Grail Stone?

Moldavite This is like taking the long way home: I questioned the title of one of Roerich’s paintings as perhaps a mis-translation; “She Who Carries the Stone” now may have been completely accurate. Their stone was known as a Cintamani. … Continue reading

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Close Encounters of the Fourth Kind

[I was reviewing some of my Revelation posts from April 2018, and came across the one I’d written about seven being a divine number. Then I remembered this chapter from Who’d Have Thought It? Here it is in full:] Around … Continue reading

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Who’d Have Thought It

A Community Healing Project When Suzanne Thomas told me in the latter part of last year that she was going to knuckle down and finally write THE book that she’d promised to do all those years ago, I thought, ‘Wow. … Continue reading

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