More Art Imitating Life: Richard Burton/Charlemagne

Camelot (1960/1980)

Richard Burton as Arthur (courtesy of Getty Images)

I once had a psychic flash that Charlemagne was Europe’s King Arthur. That was four-and-a-half years ago. I never went further with it, until just now, while researching Richard Burton’s past lives. This is another example of life imitating art.

Charlemagne (April 2, 747 – January 28, 814)

I know it’s trite to suggest that similar configurations suggest reincarnational connections, but I couldn’t help notice that Charlemagne’s natal Ascendant is conjunct his natal Pluto, just like Richard Burton. This time they are in Libra, demonstrating the need to bring balance and harmony to his kingdom. Hmm.

But when you add Charlemagne’s death into the mix, the connections seem more profound.

Now, can you see the connections? Playing King Arthur must have been a doddle for Burton. He was born to be ruler over us all. Wonders will never cease.


I rest my case.

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