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The Wellspring*: Factory Assembly Line?

November 20, 2021: *New Channelling (XXXIV) The factory of the human condition produces many products. Souls come through the system to get opportunities to adjust their different talents, to produce the best outcome during a series of lifetimes, to refine … Continue reading

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It’s Been Almost Nine Months Since He Died Suddenly

Raymond Pierre Hebert (December 31, 1940 – August 3, 2020) We were best frenemies, in the nicest possible way. Our Faith & Science group exchanges were legendary. He would always start out his discussions with me by saying, “I agree … Continue reading

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Elitism: Inner Group Work

Does This Figure Look Familiar? In response to a prompt from Beyond Belief I went looking for an image to represent what happens when people work in groups, especially in spiritual ones. This is what I found. It looks like … Continue reading

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The Right Hand of God

Every time we hear a phrase from the Bible, we assume we know what it means. But do we, really? Take the phrase “The Right Hand of God” for example: we picture a heavenly court with God on the throne … Continue reading

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