It’s Been Almost Nine Months Since He Died Suddenly

Raymond Pierre Hebert (December 31, 1940 – August 3, 2020)

The only picture of Raymond on the internet

We were best frenemies, in the nicest possible way. Our Faith & Science group exchanges were legendary. He would always start out his discussions with me by saying, “I agree with every thing you say,” and then picking me up on any inconsistencies of my previous statement.

Toward the end of his life, he asked me to do his birth chart…

There is but one inconjunct:

Mercury Inconjunct Pluto

You have a rather complicated and sometimes tricky mind. You usually prefer to do things in roundabout and involved ways instead of being simple and direct.

On the positive side, this means that you enjoy solving puzzles, tracking down mysteries and finding out about hidden matters. At school you might do research in science. You have a natural ability to understand how people’s minds work, what makes them act as they do, and what they are thinking, which is quite amazing for someone of your age.

On the negative side, however, you might misuse this ability by trying to control people’s thoughts and words. Also you may love mysteries so much that you get involved in complicated plots and arrangements with your friends. You may enjoy working in secret and creating an air of mystery about yourself, but this could backfire and make others misunderstand you or even fear what you are doing. Otherwise they will probably suspect you, even if you are totally innocent. And if you aren’t, they will know it for certain.

On another level, this aspect can mean that at certain times in your life you will go through tremendous psychological changes. All your thought and opinions will change completely. These stages may seem difficult, but you will be much better off if you let go of the past and welcome the new ideas.

(And just to be fair to Raymond, I have this aspect, too…)

Pluto in the First House

You are a very intense person who takes almost everything seriously. If an activity isn’t important enough to warrant throwing your whole self into, you feel it isn’t worth doing. You tend to go to extremes, which may make other people uneasy. You have to understand that others are afraid of experiences that you find interesting.

You enjoy having power over people and being in a position to make changes. Sometimes you seem to work behind the scenes, in that other people can see what is happening, but they cannot see who is doing it. It is extremely important that you develop a strong sense of responsibility about using power, because you will probably always use it to some extent, and if you are not careful you can create problems in your life and the lives of those around you. For example, you may be a leader among your friends, but you must be sure that what happens is best for all of you. If it isn’t, you will probably be at least partly responsible.

Your life will not stand still, for you need to have changes to keep it interesting — not sudden explosive events, but slower, more gradual changes that will create clearly marked periods in your life.

Other people will either be drawn to you very strongly or will not like you at all. For this reason you will probably have a few strong friendships, and few if any casual ones.

Once a Teacher, Always a Teacher

When I wrote the post about reincarnation, with this sentiment in mind, I was thinking about Raymond. And it’s amazing that, when I compared Raymond’s birth chart with Rudolf Steiner’s, the connections were absolutely spot-on for several of the planets.

The connections are in the top half of Raymond’s chart: his Moon is conjunct Steiner’s Venus @ 18° Aquarius; his Jupiter is conjunct Steiner’s Mars @ 5° Taurus; and his Saturn is conjunct Steiner’s Pluto @ almost 8° Taurus. Both of these Taurus planets are opposite Steiner’s Ascendant @ 10° Virgo. Even his Uranus is within 2° of Steiner’s Part of Fortune in Taurus.

I also compared Raymond’s birth chart with Steiner’s death chart, but the connections weren’t as strong, which suggests that the energies were only from their birth charts, and therefore Raymond Hebert is NOT a reincarnation of Rudolf Steiner.

But the teacher aspect is obviously there. Steiner’s natal Jupiter/Midheaven conjunction is opposite Raymond’s natal Moon. To say he couldn’t help himself would be an understatement.

As always, ISALPFY.

Rest in Peace, sir!

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