Reincarnation: Once a Teacher, Always a Teacher?

Saint Thomas Aquinas (January 28, 1225 – March 7, 1274)

Thomas Aquinas is the patron saint of teachers. And that is stating the least of his accomplishments. Our Faith and Science group has looked at his work before, but I suspect they have no idea who he reincarnated as in the 20th century.

This birth chart is totally speculative, even down to the timing, but if you Google his name, the side panel, purportedly from Wikipedia states his birth date as January 28, 1225. Well, I’m not going to call into question if that’s correct or not, as everyone else says that his birth date is unknown. The timing is based on some events that were a surprise to even his family. The double Yod, linking his Moon and Ascendant with the Sun/Mercury conjunction would indicate (at least to me) that he was destined to be an individual thinker with philosophical tendencies (some say, based on Aristotle).

Here’s part of the story as told in the book about Rudolf Steiner‘s Astrological Reincarnation theories.

In speaking of this, Steiner made a small, incidental comment about himself, which he rarely did. He noted how his own education benefited from the fact that he did not learn to write properly until he was twelve years old. One imagines that the listeners at this and perhaps all of the eighty-one Karmic Relationships lectures of 1924 frequently went away wondering among themselves who Rudolf Steiner had been in his previous incarnation. Steiner was extraordinarily circumspect when it came to speaking of individual karmic histories; he almost never spoke of living individuals, and he certainly did not communicate publicly his own past incarnations. However, by the time of his death in 1925, it was widely accepted among anthroposophists that Steiner had been St. Thomas Aquinas, the foremost Catholic philosopher of the Middle Ages. In 1976, a privately printed book provided documentation of this, and using the first two “laws” of reincarnation, it is possible to verify this statement.

The first “law” of reincarnation states that the angular relationship between the Sun and Saturn at death recurs in the same way or in a metamorphosed way at birth in the next incarnation. Comparing the horoscopes for Rudolf Steiner’s birth with that of St. Thomas Aquinas’s death, we find that the angular relationship between the Sun and Saturn at the death of St. Thomas Aquinas amounts to 176°, placing the Sun and Saturn in opposition. At the birth of Rudolf Steiner the Sun and Saturn were again in opposition, the angle between them being 179°. The first “law” of reincarnation thus offers confirmation of the statement that Rudolf Steiner was the reincarnation of St. Thomas Aquinas and implies, further, that there was no intervening incarnation.

Dann, Kevin; Powell, Robert. Astrological Revolution: Unveiling the Science of the Stars as a Science of Reincarnation and Karma. SteinerBooks. Kindle Edition

The links between Aquinas’ birth and death charts and Steiner’s birth chart show me that Steiner was indeed the reincarnation of the Saint. And as these things progress, from one life to the next, refinements come in that lead the individual forward to clearer thinking, less restrictions and greater emphasis on the Universality of wisdom.

And in the 20th century, the Teacher continued to present spiritual lectures but this time outside of the Roman Catholic Church. Isn’t life grand?

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