The Wellspring*: Factory Assembly Line?

November 20, 2021: *New Channelling (XXXIV)

The factory of the human condition produces many products.

Souls come through the system to get opportunities to adjust their different talents, to produce the best outcome during a series of lifetimes, to refine their abilities to manipulate the energies. All go through an apprenticeship, developing the various improvements in using the material and tools available. You are working to produce the most efficient and enhancing outcome through each lifetime, developing talents and comprehension of the materials you work with.

Personal development goes alongside the understanding of matter, exploring all the potential and uses that these discoveries can have in the process of creation. Your scientists specialise in these fields and their discoveries then move on to the greater population to further potential development. It is through “mistakes” that knowledge comes, as each group specialises in maybe one or several aspects at the same time. These develop into team work, all the while raising the individual talents of the soul.

Mankind had to progress to a certain level before the next steps of evolution can take place, when all is known and yet unknown. But, bit by bit and piece by piece, creation happens, and form comes into being. Everything happens in tandem, each step works alongside another, fitting together like cogs in a machine. Individual talents are growing alongside spiritual growth, for. without the checks and balances, the machine would be out of control, and, instead of growth, there would be failure of forward movement, and humanity would be stuck in an ever-turning cycle of repeat.

The energies are here to help the shift on all levels, at the same time, for without the spiritual development of matter, the material development would be restricted.

This is what we mean when talking about a factory. There are different sections which specialise and, when parts come together, form a new product.

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