And Speaking of Soldiers, Here’s a Decorated Hero

Douglas MacArthur (January 26, 1880 – April 5, 1964)

Nicknamed the “Big Chief” from Little Rock, Douglas MacArthur had an illustrious military career. While looking for a past life for James Blunt, I saw a ‘corncob’ pipe, so I knew instantly where to go next. The only things matching MacArthur and Blunt were their growing up as army brats, and their first combat missions in reconnaissance. After that, their paths diverge sharply.

This chart was already on my Kepler 7.0 program, so I haven’t changed a thing. The first detail I noted was the position of Mars in the 10th House of career, conjunct the Midheaven. Doesn’t James Blunt have the same planetary position and conjunction in his chart? Hmm.

There are four inconjuncts, two of which form a Yod pointing at Uranus.

Sun Inconjunct Uranus

There is a side of your personality that is very restless and impatient with rules, even when you know they are for your own good. You want very much to go your own way and do your own thing, even when you aren’t entirely sure that it is the right direction for you. So you rebel in subtle ways by having sudden fits of obstinacy and moods of feeling very contrary, especially to your parents or other authority figures.

Mercury Inconjunct Ascendant

You are likely to have some problems, but not serious ones, in communicating with others. The problem is that people’s first impression of you may not fit in with what you say or your manner of thinking and speaking. People tend to hear what they expect to hear, and they may not listen to you as carefully as they should. So you will have to be as clear as possible and insist that others listen to what you are really saying. If others do not understand you, it is up to you to set them straight.

Venus Inconjunct Pluto

With this aspect you must learn a great deal about the kinds of friends you want and the kinds of experiences you will have through other people. Even while you are still young, you may meet persons who are quite difficult to get along with, but who seem to be impossible to get away from, even when you want to. You may be fascinated by such persons, or circumstances may force you to stay with them. These people do have a definite role to play in your life, but it may not always be a pleasant one. They will teach you something about life or about yourself.

Saturn Inconjunct Uranus

This aspect indicates a serious tension in your life between freedom and restriction. Many people have this conflict, but it your case the tensions may be so severe that you express them physically as muscle tension and possibly nervousness. You feel that somehow you must keep everything in your life under tight control, that if you let go, the whole structure will fall apart. In a very real and direct sense, even while you are young, you must learn to relax.

But is Blunt MacArthur Reborn?

That’s the $64,000 question… I always try to keep an open mind, but sometimes the idea is a bit too outrageous to take seriously. After all, on the surface, these two individuals are so unalike.

Do you see what I see? Blunt’s North Node is conjunct MacArthur’s natal Neptune @ 25° Sagittarius. Blunt’s Part of Fortune is midway between MacArthur’s ‘fatal’ Neptune and Pluto conjunction and conjunct MacArthur’s natal Uranus in Virgo. Blunt’s natal Sun is conjunct MacArthur’s ‘fatal’ Saturn. And most importantly, Blunt’s natal Mars is conjunct MacArthur’s ‘fatal’ Venus and MacArthur’s natal Pluto. Surprising as it may seem, these two soldiers are connected.

Hmm. Can I name that tune?

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