Legendary Lost Locations


King Arthur’s Lyonnesse

Have They Been Found?

My granddaughter was discussing a school project with my wife. I happened to enter the room in the middle of it. Her teacher had been telling her class about Atlantis, and I mentioned the fact that Plato had written about it. Brigitte said, “We thought she was talking about Play-Doh, so when she asked if anyone knew who Plato was, we all put up our hands.” It’s an easy mistake to make.

Now, Miss B’s assignment for the class will be to write about another lost location, and that set my mind into research mode.


They Found Atlantis

For a very long time, Atlantis was presumed to be a figment of Plato’s imagination. Even Edgar Cayce got in on the act by discussing its location as being somewhere off Bimini. And the stories of the Bermuda Triangle suggest that the energy anomalies there are due to what happened when Atlantis sunk. What’s a person to think?

James Cameron (of Avatar fame) has done some exploring himself. See the Daily Mail report for yourself and then you decide: has Atlantis been found?


01 MU Continent - America

The continent of Mu has never been found, but its supposed position was useful for explaining why there are so many islands in the Pacific. That was in the middle of the 19th Century. Now we know that this could not be true because of the continental drift theory. However, spiritually, this is a legend that just won’t go away.

So imagine my surprise when team of geologists found something in the Indian Ocean. The clue was lemurs, native to Madagascar. Now they are calling it the lost continent of Mauritia, instead. Lemuria, found?



Anyone who has read the book Lost Horizon can relate to this ‘missing’ location. Again, this has a spiritual element: this is where the White Brotherhood is supposed to be located.

The lamasery is supposed to be located in Tibet. The modern equivalent seems to actually be in China proper, so there is some controversy about this. But it doesn’t really matter, does it? It was based on the legendary Shambhala, subject of our next section.



Is the earth hollow? This has long been speculated. There’s even a strange book called The Hollow Earth which I read, back in the day. This is where Shambhala is supposed to actually be, but it reads more like science fiction rather than science fact. But what if it’s true?

The saying, “The truth is stranger than fiction” could actually apply here. Just read this excerpt from The Sun newspaper. David Wilcock has been discussing evidence of an ancient ‘builder race’ for years. But is this proof? Who knows?



This is the location that I think Brigitte should research for herself. Homer’s Iliad and Odyssey are poems that he wrote about the Trojan War and the resulting annihilation of inhabitants of the city of Troy. Because they are written versions of oral traditions, it was presumed that Troy was just a legend.

But Heinrich Schliemann was a man with a dream of linking his excavations at Hisarlik in 1870 to the lost city of Troy. His use of dynamite was a bit dramatic, but the world has since recognized his achievement. According to Wikipedia:

Troy was added to the UNESCO World Heritage list in 1998.


I have a fondness for the legend of Troy, as I may have been involved in the war. So if Miss B is looking for a little help with her project, I am ready, willing and able to assist her.

Let’s hope she gets an A+.


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