Is Reincarnation Our Second Chance?


Can We Correct Our Past Mistakes?

Recent posts about reincarnation have raised issues of why anyone would have to repeat tendencies from a prior life. When David Wilcock came to the understanding that he might have been Edgar Cayce in the past, he recognized that food addiction issues in the present were just a continuation of his previous time on earth.

However, with every burden brought forward into a new life is also the solution to the problem. We are not, therefore, set adrift in the sea of existence to sink or swim. We are always given a personal flotation device which is ours alone. But if we fail to utilize that equipment, we will continue to flounder.

But what equipment? The Holy Spirit, of course.

Our Personal Trainer


It sounds like a ridiculous concept, doesn’t it? But, just dealing with the struggle to lose weight, any genuine help is gratefully received. As a diabetic for the past 16 years, the struggle has been compounded by my need for medication to control the level of my blood sugars. In short, the issue wasn’t just taking the right medication, it was the need to control my carb intake.

Last month, I resolved to change the way I eat and the amount of pills I have to take. I can say, as of this date, a full five weeks since I started, I have lost 10 pounds.

The nudges for me to change things up came in the form(s) of my wife and her friends. Books were suggested, and some others we already had on our library shelves. I started to read about exactly what diabetes is, and then picked up the clues from these books that would work for me for its control and subsequent weight loss.

That’s how the Holy Spirit works. We don’t always get a blinding flash of light and a voice coming through the wall.

The Still, Small Voice


We mock the Holy Spirit at our peril. If you are getting quiet prompts to change something, or to do something new, start listening. And then, starting acting on it.

Your life might just depend on it.

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