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Is Reincarnation Our Second Chance?

Can We Correct Our Past Mistakes? Recent posts about reincarnation have raised issues of why anyone would have to repeat tendencies from a prior life. When David Wilcock came to the understanding that he might have been Edgar Cayce in … Continue reading

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Whether You Believe It or Not!

Just Think About It! I’ve been a diabetic for 16 years. My father suffered from it, too. It’s the ‘silent’ epidemic ruining the lives of a great many people. The thing is, it kills you. I’ve been reading a book … Continue reading

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Weighty Words

What can anyone do with leftovers? While the food is still on the table, the cook wants everything eaten. Is that even possible? Weighty Words Weighty Words   She measured her words carefully before she spoke: Eat up, there’s only … Continue reading

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