Still Learning How to Ride the Rollercoaster of Life

Adele Adkins (May 5, 1988)

Like the rest of the known North American world, we watched “Adele: One Night Only” last night. At many levels, it was a revelation, especially the Oprah interview parts.

At one point Oprah raised the question about Adele deciding at age 7 that she didn’t want to live with her family anymore. That perked my attention. A-ha, says I, what would that look like in her chart?

Two birth chart websites have this time of birth for Adele, so I decided to go with it, just to see what would ‘pop out’ at me. And there it was: Pluto @ 11° Scorpio at the age (7) she would have been when that idea suddenly occurred to her. So, that tells me this birth time is accurate for our purposes, here.

Adele also stated that when her father died in the spring of this year, the hurt that she’d felt all her life was suddenly healed, like a gaping hole closing up. I looked to see where Chiron was in her chart, and it is conjunct Venus @ 25° Gemini in the 12th House, within 10° of her Ascendant @ 5° Cancer. This is significant, in so many ways.

The Moon is at the age she was when Adele 19 came out. Uranus is at the age when Adele 21 came out. Neptune is at the age when Adele 25 came out. Do you see a pattern here? Saturn is in that sensitive point between 21 and 25, so her ‘father issues’ would have suddenly appeared. All of these planets are opposed to the Ascendant. Venus and Chiron are opposed to the Moon and Uranus. Isn’t life grand?

There are two inconjuncts from Saturn and Uranus to Mercury @ 0° Gemini (also in the 12h House).

Mercury Inconjunct Saturn

This aspect can have several different meanings. First of all, you may have hidden fears that are difficult to express, but they cause you to do things that others can’t understand. These may include fear of the dark or of certain places or people. Or this aspect can mean that you often feel depressed and sad for no apparent reason. You tend to see the serious side of life, and it weighs on you more than on most people.

Mercury Inconjunct Uranus

Your mind moves quickly from topic to topic, often without pausing long enough for you to understand what you have learned. And if there is a lot of excitement or activity around you, your mind may race so fast to keep up with it all that you work yourself into a state of nervous frenzy. Under these circumstances it is almost impossible for you to concentrate or do any useful mental work.

Saturn Conjunct Uranus

This aspect signifies a heavy internal tension that can have both creative and difficult results. At its most difficult, it may make you feel restless and irritable, not knowing whether to go forward or backward. This in turn creates tension, and you try to get away from whatever is causing the conflict. If this process goes too far, you may suddenly make a rash and impulsive move simply to get away from the tension by any means at all. When you are older, you may suddenly break away from a relationship or quit your job or suddenly have an emotional outburst with little or no warning to those around you. You find it difficult to release tension slowly, which would be the better way.


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