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Who Exactly are the Lords of Karma?

Hint: the Four Creatures featured on the Wheel of Fortune Card According to the Secret Doctrine: Mystically, these Divine Beings are connected with Karma, the Law of Retribution, for they are the Recorders or Annalists who impress on the (to … Continue reading

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Forgive Your Brother, Even If It Takes 539 Years

Battle of Świecino (September 17, 1462) This is a novel idea, at least for me. The Great Year of 2,160 can be divided equally into four parts, less a year, creating a repeatable cycle of events (every 539 years). This … Continue reading

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Twelve: Its Spiritual Importance

According to Tom Harpur’s The Pagan Christ (Pages 86-88) In Luke’s Gospel, we read how Jesus’ parents took him to the temple for what today is called his bar mitzvah — his entry into adult responsibility to the Torah. But … Continue reading

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Quantum Leaps into the Unknown

Quantum Leap (1989 – 1993) I think most of us in the West can remember this television series. I know I do. What brought it to mind, this morning, was the dream I had last night. In my dream, I … Continue reading

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The Glastonbury Zodiac

July 30, 2013? I was looking for an image of the zodiac figures in the landscape around Glastonbury, UK, and came across this one. I love the fact that a grand sextile is being charted, based on the horoscope of … Continue reading

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Astrological Seeds?

Horoscope Packets In his book, Cosmic Loom, Dennis Elwell sets out a gardening metaphor to help explain what the birth chart is for: in effect, he writes that the horoscope is like the image and description on a packet of … Continue reading

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