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Conspiracy or Just Ineptitude?

Nine-Eleven (Twenty Years Later) I guess it was the shock of witnessing history first-hand that made me consider that 9/11 might have been an inside job. It shouldn’t be a surprise that I have a copy of Jim Marrs’ “Inside … Continue reading

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Forgive Your Brother, Even If It Takes 539 Years

Battle of Świecino (September 17, 1462) This is a novel idea, at least for me. The Great Year of 2,160 can be divided equally into four parts, less a year, creating a repeatable cycle of events (every 539 years). This … Continue reading

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Hong Kong: Civil Disobedience

Extradition Protests My friend, Christina, alerted me to an upcoming celestial event which involved Saturn and the Moon. She asked me if it had any special significance. Since the Moon circles the Earth every 28 days or so, I couldn’t … Continue reading

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Memory: the Mandela Effect?

Is This a Conspiracy? A recent X-Files episode discussed the Mandela Effect to good effect. The questions it posed and some of the outrageous answers it suggested were perfect in this day and age. Here is that famous opening sequence … Continue reading

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