Conspiracy or Just Ineptitude?

Nine-Eleven (Twenty Years Later)

I guess it was the shock of witnessing history first-hand that made me consider that 9/11 might have been an inside job. It shouldn’t be a surprise that I have a copy of Jim Marrs’ “Inside Job: Unmasking the 9/11 Conspiracies”. But 20 years is a lot of hindsight and after watching an ABC documentary last night about the CIA’s role in the catastrophe, I’ve finally come down on the other side of the equation: it was ineptitude that allowed this event to take place.

Here is what I wrote in “At This Point in Time”:

Chapter Twenty-Five: Nine-Eleven

The History

It was a day that would transform forever America’s sense of invulnerability and innocence. With the weather brilliantly clear up and down the East Coast, four planes prepared to take off for California. All were jumbo jets, flying with full tanks of fuel for a transcontinental journey; each carried a passenger load far below normal. But on board each of the planes – American Airlines flight 11 and United Airlines 175 from Boston, American Airlines flight 77 from Washington, and United Airlines 93 from Newark – were groups of terrorists. Seizing control of each aircraft shortly after it reached cruising altitude, the hijackers killed or disabled pilots, took control of the cockpit, and steered the planes – now deadly missiles – toward their targets.

The first plane, American 11, struck the North Tower of New York’s World Trade Center at 8: 48 a.m. Exactly, 15 minutes later, at 9: 03, United Airlines 175 smashed into the South Tower. One minute before 10 o’clock, the South Tower – 102 stories high – collapsed in a heap. Just half an hour later, the North Tower fell.

In the meantime, American Airlines 77 dive-bombed into the Pentagon just outside the nation’s capital. Only United Airlines 93 was still aloft. There, a heroic band of passengers – knowing from cell phone conversations what had happened in New York – refused to let their plane become another enemy missile and instead assaulted the terrorists and forced their plane to come crashing to earth just outside of Pittsburgh.

Millions watched on television as repeatedly, hour after hour, newscasts showed pictures of the second plane penetrating the North Tower and exploding in flames, each time experiencing anew a profound awareness that someone, some extraordinary force, had grabbed hold of America’s consciousness and twisted it in ways that would never permit the old ways of doing or thinking to return.

The Chart

The Human Spirit

Before we start to unravel the chart, let me explain why I have included this day’s events instead of some others I could have done. On September 3, 2001 I flew back to Canada with the idea that I might move back permanently from the United Kingdom. I had a return ticket booked for September 11, I kid you not. I wasn’t sure if I would use it or not, but I was keeping my options open, just in case. On the day itself, I’d driven into Barrie from Innisfil, where I was staying with my son and his family. I was job seeking, but without much success (and I knew it would be an uphill climb).

At 10 o’clock, I drove back to Innisfil, with the CBC station tuned on the radio dial. From the way that they were talking, it sounded like an updated version of War of the Worlds by H.G. Wells., originally performed by Orson Wells in 1938. I kept waiting for the announcer to remind us that this was a work of fiction, but that statement never came. By the time I got back home, the TV was on, and then there was nothing more that could be done for the rest of the day as CNN kept us all up-to-date.

I’d lived in a country that was ‘used to’ a few terrorist bombings, but I never expected to see it happen in the States. That shook me up. By the very next day, I decided to try my luck at returning to England. It took me from the 12th to the 15th to get there. So, this one is personal.

The visible pattern that this chart shows is reminiscent of the Crossbow in Martin Luther’s protest chart. This time, the image is a bit more like a paper airplane, folded over on itself. Since 1517 the Roman Catholic Church has never been the same, and as we have seen, the United States of America also changed forever on September 11, 2001. In 1517, that chart was anchored by the planets Moon and Uranus. In 2001, just Uranus is the pivotal planet. Uranus: Air and rail transport; labour organizations, strikes and riots; civic organizations; anarchy, explosions, inventions; the electrical and radio industry. Sounds like the real deal, eh?

The ‘targets’ of Uranus are Venus (in opposition) and Jupiter (inconjunct). Venus: Ambassadors of good will and preservers of the peace. Unfavourable aspects bring plagues and pestilences. Jupiter: Judiciary; industrialists and capitalists; peace, prosperity and plenty. If afflicted, over-production. I think we can see that the intention of bin Laden in planning this attack was that the Twin Towers of the American way of life were meant to be destroyed along with the buildings.

I shall address this interpretation to Osama bin Laden: Uranus is in its own sign here, which means that this generation are very good at initiating constructive changes and making sure that they are for the good of society. However, like other humanitarian types, they may have problems in individual relationships, because they do not consider individuals to be as significant as society and can’t understand the demands of one-to-one relationships. They are reformers, but they need to learn about the importance of individual human emotions and need. (Uranus in Aquarius)

You want the freedom to be yourself and to be as unusual or different as you choose. Many of your tastes are unconventional, especially in what you do for fun. You look for activities that are exciting and provide a break from everyday life, and you enjoy being with people who are exciting and unconventional. People with this placement are often quite conventional in their way of living, but they have unusual friends. (Uranus in 5th)

It is difficult for you to form close attachments with others, because you quickly begin to feel confined in a relationship, and you want to get away. The exception to this is when the other person is very unusual or even slightly crazy according to ordinary standards. Then you get so caught up in the offbeat nature of the relationship that you forget to feel trapped. But such relationships are not very stable, unfortunately. (Venus Opposition Uranus)

There is a side of your personality that is very restless and impatient with rules, even when you know they are for your own good. You want very much to go your own way and do your own thing, even when you aren’t entirely sure that it is the right direction for you. So you rebel in subtle ways by having sudden fits of obstinacy and moods of feeling very contrary, especially to your parents or other authority figures. Sometimes the energy of this aspect comes out in other ways as well. At times, sudden upsets may occur in your life that totally alter your plans, so that you have to change course entirely. When this happens, you must learn to yield to the pressure and flow with the change. It may be difficult for you to realize it, but such an upset occurs because you have blocked much-needed changes in your life, or they have been denied you. However upsetting these changes are at first, they will give you the freedom you need to grow as an individual. Unfortunately, if you always wait for changes to come in this manner, they are likely to be very startling and unsettling. If you learn to assert your individuality more directly, the changes will not seem so upsetting. As with many other inconjuncts, astrologers have found that if you suppress your need and desire for freedom in your life, this energy may be expressed through illness or accident. While you are young, you may have accidents because you suddenly make unpredictable, rash movements. Later in life this aspect can signify cardiac problems, but only if you suppress your natural need for self-expression. (Sun Inconjunct Uranus)

This reminds me: wasn’t bin Laden armed by the Americans to aid in his quest to rid Afghanistan of the Russians in the 1990s? Now it all begins to make clearer sense: it was the USA that wanted to undo its relationship with him, so it passively allowed him to take the step that severed their ties forever.

I could have addressed these same words to the government of the United States, and discussed its relationship to terrorists from abroad. Oh, how the mighty have fallen…

[Miller, Christopher. At This Point in Time: Charting the History of the Human Spirit (Kindle Locations 1776-1845). BookBaby. Kindle Edition.]

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