Too Good (Looking) To Be True


Richard Chamberlain

Growing up during the 60’s, the doctor shows were as popular as the police shows. (Nothing changes…) But once in a while, an actor would show up, step forward into the spotlight, and proceed to capture our (collective) hearts.

Richard Chamberlain was one of my heroes.

Dr Kildare

Richard Chamberlain, William Shatner and Martin Balsam from Season 5

I never saw this show on a colour TV. All the uniforms were white, and the diseases were black. It was clear cut. And the ‘good’ character of Dr Kildare was never in doubt.

Never missing a chance to cash in, MGM persuaded Richard to sing the theme song, too. He wasn’t the best choice as singer…

Here is a video of an interview he did 50 years later:

The Thorn Birds


This TV miniseries had the female audience in thrall to the idea of a priest falling in love with a beautiful woman.

But it didn’t seem to ring true to me. Something was amiss. I couldn’t quite put my finger on it.

I guess that’s why they call it ‘acting’…

Outed at 55 in 1989


By the time he finally admitted to being gay in 2003, the world had moved on. “No Big Deal” one article said. And it wasn’t, by then.

The subtle subtext of actors in the entertainment business is that they are ‘different’ from ordinary folk. We may not agree with their choice of lifestyle or partnerships, but we have to respect them.

I always knew Richard Chamberlain was too good to be true.

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