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Could Some Royals have Reincarnated as My Extended Family?

The Tudor Family Tree As anyone who knows me can attest, when I start to do research, I do it thoroughly, and, if I’m honest, personally. Such is the case with the Tudor Dynasty from the late 15th to the … Continue reading

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In the Misty Distance

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Reincarnation: Coming Full Circle, Back to the Start

Sharon Tate: Cleopatra Reborn? There has been a lot of speculation on my part as to the prior lives of Sharon Tate. Not all of the work, behind the scenes, is on display here. But, trust me when I tell … Continue reading

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Sunset from One Year Ago

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Fifty Shades of…

Book Club I suppose that the proliferation of these monthly get-togethers must have been started by Oprah’s book club segments on her show. Now they’ve taken on a life of their own. We went to see this movie last night, … Continue reading

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