Fifty Shades of…

book club

Book Club

I suppose that the proliferation of these monthly get-togethers must have been started by Oprah’s book club segments on her show. Now they’ve taken on a life of their own.

We went to see this movie last night, and I must admit that the laughs were frequent and the good-feel moments were plenty.

If you haven’t guessed already, the books they read and shared came from the pen of E.L. James.

fifty shades trilogy

The Actresses

The seniors of this world need a little light entertainment. In other words, something they can watch that doesn’t include super heroes or bratty children. The draw for this audience is wanting to see how these four actresses have kept their beauty and acting chops.

Jane Fonda

Candice Bergen

Diane Keaton

Mary Steenburgen



The plot was simple: each woman was experiencing the declining fortunes of finding love and fulfillment in their ‘golden years’. Each came to a happy ending, particular to their individual needs.

As my wife, Susan, says: It proves that you’re never too old for love.

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