The Devil’s in the Detail(s)



Popular television shows and graphic novels account for the recent revival of the Devil in the form of Lucifer. He is the ‘light bringer’ and as such shows up in Enoch as Samael, the leader of the guardian angels on Earth. The Gnostics considered him to be the Demiurge. According to the movie “The Usual Suspects” he is the character Keyser Söze, with the tag line:

The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was to convince the world he didn’t exist

But in reality, he is you and me, while we remain asleep.

“Lucifer” Got Cancelled

Tom Ellis

Tom Ellis

Last week, the final episode of season 3 aired on the Fox network. It had been a bumpy ride this time. Pearce, a modern alias of Cain, was introduced to the show, and because he was played by the same actor who was Superboy in Smallville, it was assumed that his presence could save the show. It didn’t…

There really is no way to say this without seeming judgemental: the ensemble acting was non-existent. Only Tom Ellis, as Lucifer, was believable. His charm and charisma were evident in every scene. The rest couldn’t hold a torch to him.

The actress who played Chloe Decker was especially tepid. But the final scene was the ultimate payoff: her character got to see Lucifer’s devil face.

Lucifer’s Devil Face


This face had been missing for all of season 3. The reason for its absence was an interesting one.

Cain, as Pearce, had taken it away, and given Lucifer back his wings. That story held until the finale. Then Lucifer realized that he was the actual one who had changed himself: he no longer saw himself as a monster, because Chloe’s influence was starting to rub off on him.

That made the final scene more poignant. After killing Pearce, he reverted to his ‘usual’ self image.


There are rumours of the producers of Lucifer hoping to revive the show on another network. But, the question is: Is it necessary to keep the show going?

The world has seen him again, albeit in a nice package. The fundamentalists must have been delighted to see him unmasked. The ‘true believers’ also. This is part of the ‘plan’.

The rest of us are bemused. In season 1, episode 1, Trixie knew immediately who Lucifer was. Why did it take three seasons for her mother to catch on?



Rest in Peace. You need not concern yourself with Humanity any more.

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