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The Wellspring*: Light Through a Prism?

January 2013: *Interim Channelling If you can understand the reason for things you will be more at peace with life. The dimensions of the soul react with all impulses to bring about change and development. It is universal to believe … Continue reading

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Could He have been a Precursor to Jesus?

Buddha (April 8, 563 BCE – 483 BCE) This post is going to seem totally speculative. Is it possible to raise a birth chart for the Buddha? Well, yes, if you can trust the traditional birth date as stated on … Continue reading

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Faith & Science: Here are Your Cards…

During our usual Friday Zoom meeting this morning, Heather gave us a mini lecture and demonstration on Tarot decks. She pulled three cards from the Rider Waite deck and got: Strength Heart Challenge So now we know… Moon Inconjunct Neptune … Continue reading

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