Could He have been a Precursor to Jesus?

Buddha (April 8, 563 BCE – 483 BCE)

This post is going to seem totally speculative. Is it possible to raise a birth chart for the Buddha? Well, yes, if you can trust the traditional birth date as stated on this web page.

The timing is randomized, so the one inconjunct that appears on the chart is coincidental. But it might be informative, anyway.

Sun Inconjunct Ascendant

Your relationships with other people can be very intense. While you are young, they may be quite difficult, because you feel that others will accept you only if you deny yourself in some way. Or you may constantly feel you should put off doing what you want in order to do what you have to do. Usually your ideas about what you have to do come from the people around you. Also, contacts with other people will frequently force you to make serious, major psychological changes. Difficulties in your relationships with friends and family are signs of profound internal changes.

You may find that no matter how hard you try to show others who you really are, they misunderstand you somehow. This is because the angular relationship between your rising sign and Sun sign indicates that your internal energies are quite different from the energies that you show to the world. You are not intentionally dishonest with the world, you simply present a confusing complex of energies. As you get older, you will learn more about your effect on people, which will enable you to put the two sides of your personality together so that they work smoothly. Be patient and do not hurry. Look at each relationship as an opportunity to learn more about yourself through your effects upon others. You will know you have learned this when you no longer attract people who are psychologically difficult to deal with.

Or, To Put It Another Way…

The many similarities between Jesus and Buddha (

Because I cannot do Buddha’s death chart, there s no way to ‘prove’ reincarnation, but comparing their birth charts is another matter.

Some would suggest, perhaps, that I’m totally deluded, here, but that’s the great thing about Astrology, planets sometimes line up most unexpectedly. Take for example, Buddha’s Mars (conjunct his Descendant) is in the same vicinity of Jesus’ Jupiter/Saturn conjunction: “We have seen his star rise in the East…” Buddha’s North Node is conjunct this position in Pisces. Jesus’ North Node is conjunct Buddha’s Saturn in Aries. Jesus’ Midheaven is conjunct Buddha’s Uranus in Pisces. Finally, Jesus’ Pluto is conjunct Buddha’s Ascendant @ 12° Virgo. No, you couldn’t ask for better proof, even if randomized.

Here’s that list from that compares the two men:

“There are many similarities between the mythical elements of Jesus and Buddha. Here are just a few of the most striking similarities.

  • Conceived in a miraculous manner
  • Similar names of mother (Maya for Buddha, Mary for Jesus)
  • Was a bit of a child prodigy
  • Underwent a long period of fasting while traveling alone
  • Tempted by, but overcame, the devil
  • Began an itinerant ministry around the age of 30
  • Had disciples who traveled with him.
  • Performed miracles, such as curing blindness and walking on water
  • Renounced worldly riches and required his disciples to do so also
  • Rebelled against the religious elite (Brahmans for Buddha and Pharisees for Jesus)
  • Dispatched disciples, shortly before his death, to spread his message”

Cash Peters’ transition pictures for both men also show something unexpected: Buddha is a compact orb of bright light; Jesus is a blinding star. Hmm.


And then there’s this…

Doesn’t that just say it all?

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