The Wellspring*: Isolation

October 18, 2021: *New Channelling (XXI)

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The sickness in society will continue, all the while selfish interests prevail.

The sickness we speak of is of the soul, which then manifests through the physical. Eons have passed and opportunities have been many for society to wake up to the injustices that abound, all rooted in the non-recognition of the brotherhood of man.

Concern that self is an island in a turbulent sea of life has perpetuated the isolation that many feel, seeking to defend against all challenges, not trusting your fellows

How does society change? Rarely will it happen voluntarily.

For those who have lived in a war situation, many think back to a period of comradeship and selfless support received, with fond memories. But once the war was over, in very little time, there was a scramble back to the old habits, which re-emerge as patterns of self-interest.

It will be during the coming times that awareness will be impelled to change, that unless society works together towards the common good, destruction is all that will remain. We do not tell you this to create fear, but to remind you that all must play their part for the good of all. In so doing you will all rise together into the New Dawn. All barriers must come down to enable love and unity to prosper. The Aquarian Age is about recognising the brotherhood of humanity, all working towards a common goal.

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