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What Does It Mean When Your Dream Contains a Pun?

A Flock of Seagulls Ordinarily, I consider visible puns to be amusing, but this image (above) represents a “Birds” like dramatic feel to my dream last night (or more accurately, this morning). And then I thought about the 80’s British … Continue reading

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I Wonder Who’s Kissinger Now?

This joke got stuck in my head this morning as I was waking up. That’s usually a sign that something is about to happen. And it will probably be about Henry Kissinger, Nixon’s peace negotiator in the early 1970’s. By … Continue reading

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Message from Self: Get Some Help

Mercury Transiting the Sun 2019 I had an interesting dream last night, which contained a visual pun (nothing new there): My friend and I were celebrating with a lot of people at a party. We were eating pies, cakes and … Continue reading

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Through the Eye of a Needle

What did Jesus really mean? There are a lot of ways that this saying can be interpreted, with the most obvious being the awkward image of a camel trying to go through the eye of a needle: But what if … Continue reading

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Yo! Brother…

What do יהוה and ΙΑΩ have in common? The sound that you make when you say them. Who says they’re not connected? יהוה My ear has always been attuned to puns. I hear them everywhere. Why this should be, I … Continue reading

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My Father’s Heir (Hair)

  My Father’s Heir   My father’s heir, my father’s heir, No one to claim My father’s name; No one’s my father’s heir.   When I was born, my father moved Away somewhere up north. He took a job, which … Continue reading

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