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Yesterday in History XVIII

Richard Nixon Announces His Resignation (August 8, 1974) On This Day in 1974: U.S. president Richard Nixon announces his resignation following the Watergate scandal. It’s hard to believe that this event was 48 years ago. Sometimes, it feels like yesterday. … Continue reading

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“Stop the Steal”: Guilt by Association?

Roger Stone (August 27, 1952) I missed something about Roger Stone. It took a comment from my astrology friend, Ellie, to open my eyes to an obvious association. Stone has an tattoo of Richard Nixon on his back. What’s that … Continue reading

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Just Don’t Compare Trump to Nixon: He Doesn’t Like It

Watergate: Blueprint for a Scandal (2022) We’ve been watching this limited CNN series for the past week. None of it is new, except for linking Donald Trump’s actions to those of Richard Nixon in 1972. The common denominator is insecurity. … Continue reading

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Secret Diplomacy or Two-Faced Duplicity?

Kissinger’s Secret China Trip (July 9, 1971) Oh, now it makes sense: the 50th anniversary of Kissinger’s secret trip to China was two days ago. But, being Canadian, this wasn’t on my radar screen, then, and still isn’t, now. The … Continue reading

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I Wonder Who’s Kissinger Now?

This joke got stuck in my head this morning as I was waking up. That’s usually a sign that something is about to happen. And it will probably be about Henry Kissinger, Nixon’s peace negotiator in the early 1970’s. By … Continue reading

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Opening the “Gate” on Political Scandals

Watergate There’s a lot of it about: no, not scandals; ‘gate’ used as a shorthand for political scandal. The most recent example is “Obamagate”, touted by Trump in this election year as the greatest scandal of all time. Really? I … Continue reading

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