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Quiet time — the-well-spring.uk

8th April 2022 With your commitment to a short period of quiet time, the awareness of the whole Universe opens up for you. At first, there are expectations of how this should be, but as you learn to relax into … Continue reading

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Introducing the Winner of American Idol 2021:

Chayce Beckham (July 18, 1996) It seemed impossible to Chayce Beckham that he even made it to the auditions last year. Two weeks before the event, he wrote off his vehicle in a horrific crash. The accident ‘turned him around’ … Continue reading

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Message from Self: Get Some Help

Mercury Transiting the Sun 2019 I had an interesting dream last night, which contained a visual pun (nothing new there): My friend and I were celebrating with a lot of people at a party. We were eating pies, cakes and … Continue reading

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