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When the Physical Resemblance is Overwhelming…

Enzo Ferrari (Died August 14) and Mesut Özil (Born October 15) I couldn’t resist taking a look at these two after finding this image today. My Kepler 7.0 computer program had Enzo Ferrari‘s birth chart already, with a 3 am … Continue reading

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Introducing the Winner of American Idol 2021:

Chayce Beckham (July 18, 1996) It seemed impossible to Chayce Beckham that he even made it to the auditions last year. Two weeks before the event, he wrote off his vehicle in a horrific crash. The accident ‘turned him around’ … Continue reading

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Monumental Blunders: Tearing Down Our Past

Should We Be Pulling Down Statues? This controversy started in the United States, after George Floyd’s murder. But it isn’t new. Civil War heroes of the South have always had a place of pride in their town and city squares. … Continue reading

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Two Out of Three Ain’t Bad…

In the Search for Fame and Fortune Three reality TV shows featuring singing contestants concluded their latest seasons during the same week. The finalists were stacked in favour of the boys (at a rate of four-to-one) in each show. Two … Continue reading

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