Helsinki Summit: No Punch & Judy Show


What Did You Expect, Really?

Trump and Putin have met before in private, at least twice, to my recollection. And each time, no one else (except interpreters, I presume) were in attendance and we have been none the wiser about what they discussed.

They say ‘nature abhors a vacuum’; human nature, being what it is, requires details and proof. These were in short supply yesterday at the joint press conference. People expected (really?) fireworks between the leaders of Russia and the US; what they got was a pantomime puppet show.


It should be obvious that Trump’s “Art of the Deal” was not in evidence, even going into the summit. He talked in an interview on CBS that the European Union was more of a foe than Russia or China.

His usual style would have been to denigrate whomever he was to meet next, get them to compromise on some very heated discussion points and then talk nicely about them at the joint press conference afterwards.

This did not happen here. Perhaps the reason was that the Department of Justice indicting twelve Russian spies just days before Trump’s meeting with Putin did the job for him.

I can imagine what was said when the men met alone.

Use Your Imagination

The real purpose of this summit would have been Putin’s need to get Trump to lighten economic and political sanctions. He would expect that Trump could do that as he is POTUS. But autocracy does not exist in the American Republic, not unless the Senate and the People make someone Emperor for life (à la Julius Caesar). Then he’d have to be assassinated.

Trump has been pleading Putin’s cause on the world stage, suggesting that the G7 should become the G8 again. Also, Trump has been trying to undermine NATO, calling out other allies (foes) for not spending enough on defence. Maybe the real point of that is to get more countries, especially in the EU, to the edge of financial collapse. Trump’s recent tariffs on free trade items has certainly caused a lot of concern amongst American ‘friends’ (read, ‘enemies’) who have had to add tariffs of their own, bringing the cost of goods ever higher. Someone will suffer, mostly in the Western hemisphere.

And recent rhetoric on both sides about new and improved atomic missiles hasn’t made the residents of the world rest easy in their beds. Scary time, for sure.

Does Putin Own Trump?

The alpha and omega dogs were on that podium yesterday. You could clearly see which was which. No one seems to be able to account for that. But what if the rumours were actually true? What if Putin has ‘something’ on Trump? Would that make more sense?

Putin admitted yesterday that he wanted Trump to beat Hillary in the 2016 American Presidential election. And the press have returned to the moment in the campaign when Trump asked Russia to find Clinton’s missing emails. Evidently, the hackers then went to work on the server that was used by Hillary. But there’s no collusion, right? Sure…

I’m not even sure Trump wanted to be President. He was making excuses right up until the end that the election was probably rigged (against him, he thought). So, one has to ask: did he even want to run for President?

What happened at the Miss Universe contest in 2013 in Moscow? This seems to be the smoking gun, at least in my humble opinion.

Putin claims that he didn’t even know Trump was in Moscow at the time. Putin denies lots of things: that’s his style. But he used to be head of the KGB; as President of Russia, he would definitely have known. And the rumour of a dossier being compiled of Trump’s bedroom antics, subsequently reported to the Democrats by a British spy, makes this all the more intriguing.


We will never know until about 50 years from now when someone spills the beans: whatever Putin has on Trump has made the American President look like a traitor to his country.

Oh, and payback is a bitch: Trump kept the Queen waiting 10 minutes for their meeting; Putin made Trump wait an hour.

That shows you who really is in charge of the world stage…

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