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An American Revolutionary Came Back to Finish the Job

Button Gwinnett (March 3, 1735 [OS] – May 19, 1777) It’s a shame that I don’t know (in the present time) American history around the time of the Declaration of Independence. This man, Button Gwinnett, slipped completely under my radar … Continue reading

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The Most Progressive Democrat is Left Out in the Cold

Bernie Sanders (September 8, 1941) I have a fondness for Bernie Sanders. He’s had a bit of a hard time getting his views heard by the other Democrats, but what he says makes sense, especially when discussing helping senior citizens … Continue reading

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She Just Wants to be the Star in the Movie of Her Life

Kyrsten Sinema (July 12, 1976) With a name that is a homophone of cinema, it’s no wonder Kyrsten Sinema decided, after the Democrats took control of the US Senate, to become an independent. The theatre of it all! (aka “It’s … Continue reading

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The Day the World Changed for Me, Personally:

May 6, 1987 The day was the one when I had a medium read for me. I had previously looked at this reading as one that was a connection for my mother, but I missed the message for me about … Continue reading

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While Married to Paul McCartney, She was an Enigma

Heather Mills (January 12, 1967) It was during my latest viewing of “Paul McCartney in Red Square” that I started thinking about Heather Mills again. Such a beautiful woman, she seemed to be the ideal second wife for him. But … Continue reading

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A Classic Example of a Connector

Paul Revere (January 1, 1735 – May 10, 1818) In his book, The Tipping Point, author Malcolm Gladwell uses Paul Revere‘s Midnight Ride to illustrate how one person can create a social movement by their actions. Let’s look at Revere, … Continue reading

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How a Jewish Kid from Hell’s Kitchen Changed the World

Stanley Kramer (September 29, 1913 – February 19, 2001) Stanley Kramer was an independent film producer and director, responsible for making many of Hollywood’s ‘message films’. There were no topics he was unwilling to highlight, and in his own words: … Continue reading

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