Karmic Astrology: More Present Life Directions

North Node in 3rd House, South Node in 9th House

While writing about Richard Burton the other day, I realized that the Moon’s Nodes are generational when traveling through the zodiacal signs. Only when they are located in the individual houses do they particularize a person’s life path.

Here is a description of my Quest and Resource…

Third House North Node — Ninth House South Node (by Martin Schulman)

These Nodes represent a karma in relationships. The individual is here to learn how to fit the intertwinings of people and ideas into the scope of his understanding.

The ninth house South Node shows an accent on growth in former lives. Literally millions of hours of thought were spent on developing an abundance of wisdom. Much was sacrificed to do this, particularly the enjoyment of meaningful relationships with others. So that a large amount of soul growth could be accomplished, a freedom to explore without restriction or limitation had to be developed first.

Now in the current life the individual is habitually linked to his past incarnation sense of freedom, which although he feels he must retain, he can no longer consciously remember why.

From time to time he feels a wanderlust to visit different horizons for somewhere off in the distance is the rainbow he is used to seeking. He is a mental nomad, constantly travelling through the great expanse of his consciousness, stopping only for rest at each oasis which offers temporary shelter from his restless urge.

Although he is seeking yet it is difficult for him to define exactly what he is looking for. He finds others puzzling as he curiously tries to understand what makes them tick. Herein are some of his major karmic lessons. He must learn how to interact with people. Though he may be happily married or involved in close relationships, he still retains a sense of bachelorhood in his thoughts. He must learn how to make his life fit into the exact puzzle slot allowed by all the other lives around him.

The ways in which he relates and communicates will constantly be put through one test after another. Ultimately he will find himself enmeshed in a network of people, so that all the knowledge he has acquired in previous lifetimes can be put to practical use.

In his current life relationships, he feels frustrated with not enough room to move. This enclosure of people around him eventually comes to extinguish his past-life tendencies to be vague and evasive and in its place teaches him the art of pinpoint communication.

He is very much concerned with the values of sexuality, feeling obliged to conquer any grip this force has on him. Now he sees clearly the presence of a higher and a lower self, and it is the pull from both which he must karmically wrestle out.

The individual is less concerned with gain than with protection against loss. He is terribly fearful of losing the freedom he was accustomed to in past incarnations; yet he must risk such loss if he is to interact with humanity. As soon as he is willing to take this risk, he is ready to receive his greatest rewards.

Ultimately he elevates himself through reading and purposeful study, and although he is more used to informal ways of learning, it will be a formal education that now puts it all together for him.

This Nodal position often causes a friction marriage, since the individual is prone to seeking out-of-wedlock relationships in which to work out the understanding of personality interactions that he must develop.

One of his biggest lessons is to learn how to consolidate his energies for each time he feels the urgency to move on with things, he tends to leave loose ends scattered behind him.

His life is wide in scope, not only in areas of knowledge, but also in the myriad of people he meets, and the multitude of places he travels.

He will ultimately be known as a Messenger, bringing to all those who need it the specific bits of information that like manna from heaven are placed in their lap at the moment of hunger.

In essence, he is a teacher’s teacher for although he has little patience with a classroom situation, he is well capable of feeding information wherever and whenever it’s needed. He likes doing this because it fulfills his past-life need for movement. As such he never gets a chance to see how important the information he is disseminating actually is. Nevertheless he has an enormous effect on the awareness of all those whose lives he touches.

His own life is as interesting and full as an encyclopedia, for he tries to live much of what he reads about.

For all of his movement one would think him desirous of having a rest, but underneath he is highly nervous and needs this amount of movement in his life. The nervousness is not to be considered a negative trait, but rather as part of his mission. Every moment a piece of information comes into his mind the nervousness gets triggered, reminding him that he must deliver it somewhere.

In past incarnations he avoided conclusions. Now he refuses to make a final judgment on anything. This is part of his understanding that if he were to make a final decision it would be premature for he knows that new information will constantly be coming.

He is superficially conversant in almost all areas. Still, on the personal plane he is highly misunderstood, for the messages he delivers are so uniquely disguised that they have a tendency to go over the heads of others who only see him as eternally gossiping about nothing.

The truth is that all of his words are important, but they must be seen to have deeper than surface value before they can be interpreted properly. He is truly the fast-winged messenger of the gods.

[Can you imagine the effect these words had on me when Kate shared them with me at the end of 1985? I had always presumed, up to that point, that the fault was in me, somehow, because I felt so misunderstood. My poetry, in particular, had extra (deeper) levels but no one ever seemed to get what was really being said. It was a great frustration to me.]


The effect of the 3rd/9th House axis was not lost on me. I am Sagittarius Rising. This description of my Quest in the present and the Resource from past-life experiences fits me, in the same way that Pierre-Ésprit Radisson fits me. Such is the message I got from the Universe:

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