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What Kate Shared with Me 35 Years Ago:

Karmic Astrology: The Moon’s Nodes and Reincarnation (1975) Aries North Node: Libra South Node Here the soul is learning the lessons of self-consciousness on the most elemental levels. Experiences in prior incarnations did not permit the Self to form as … Continue reading

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Karmic Astrology: More Present Life Directions

North Node in 3rd House, South Node in 9th House While writing about Richard Burton the other day, I realized that the Moon’s Nodes are generational when traveling through the zodiacal signs. Only when they are located in the individual … Continue reading

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By Killing the Messenger, Can You Kill the Message?

Jesus and the Cosmic Christ Everyone wants their version of Jesus to be the ‘right’ one. If only it were that simple. I have never really understood what Grace is, and so I asked Daniel to tell me something about … Continue reading

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