She Really is a Sister of the Moon

Elizabeth Seraphine

This is an update of my original post of the former Elizabeth Wilcock, I saw a post on Facebook from Elizabeth Seraphine (as she now calls herself) which expressed her sadness of finding herself alone again, after a breakup with Ocean. The post mentioned her father leaving her when she was only three years of age, and I realized that I could now rectify the chart I’d originally drawn up for her.

Saturn is now (more or less) at the correct position it should be, and that opens up (at least) two other markers for her story as a child (and probably three): Pluto @ 5; Uranus @ 10; and Neptune @ 19. These do not exactly match any major events of her young life, except for Neptune which would indicate her NDE (near death experience) at age 19. We also have the hints of a five-pointed star from the inconjunct aspects in her chart. And the Moon is in her 12th House of the Unconscious.

Courtesy of Facebook

As I still do not know for sure when Elizabeth was born, this whole process still remains speculative, but now I feel like we are closer to the truth about this amazing woman and her journey through life.

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  1. cdsmiller17 says:

    So, against my better judgement, I deleted a comment by someone who suggested that Elizabeth is actually (at least) 10 years older than this chart suggests. I wonder… In the meantime, I’ve pm’d her on Facebook, but I am not expecting an answer.


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