Spiritual Warriors Aren’t Always Peaceful Ones

Infinite (2021)

We watched this movie on Amazon Prime last night. Susan suggested it since it’s about reincarnation.

There are a couple of ‘official’ trailers on YouTube, so you might want to look at them, too, before you make up your mind about watching this digital movie or not. Mark Wahlberg is a bit of a cipher, here, so his acting skills are reduced to that of a robot, which may have been the intention all along. The Matrix, this is not, and Hollywood seems to have a love/hate relationship with spiritual concepts, so I’m not sure if it will appeal to the casual viewer. The villain, Bathurst, is a bit of a Grim Reaper, and his quest to destroy all human life seems to not ring true, but then we also watched Kingsman: The Secret Service, last night, which has a similar nemesis for humanity in the role played by Samuel L. Jackson. Maybe the thought is that humanity is a virus that needs extermination, but whose side are we really on, anyway?

The only thing that really made this movie work for me was that concept of “Hope” was the overriding principle. Essentially, you can hope that the next life will allow you to do or say what you weren’t able to do or say in this life. Without hope, life has no purpose. Hopefully, we all will get it right next time.

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