Eywa: The Living Spirit of Pandora

Avatar: The Way of Water (2022)

We went to the cinema yesterday and watched this marathon movie (except that I missed a bit in the middle when Kiri had some kind of seizure). The story continues the “Dances With Wolves” scenario that was originally conceived in the first movie in 2009 by James Cameron.

Tsireya: [to Lo’ak] The way of water has no beginning and no end. Our hearts beat in the womb of the world. The sea is your home, before your birth and after your death. The sea gives and the sea takes. Water connects all things: life to death, darkness to light.


The bit that I missed may have been when Eywa (pig Latin for “Way”) was fully explained. But I digress. Eywa is Yahweh, at least in the breath that it takes to say its name, which makes me connect the title of this movie with this saying:

End of this lesson.

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  1. cdsmiller17 says:

    Clearly, she’s in tune with Eywa, which is interesting, as Grace loved studying Pandora’s life force, thinking the landscape was a neural network that communicated constantly. In a biblical twist, it feels like Eywa is what transferred to Grace during the ritual, resulting in Kiri being born. In that sense, Kiri seems to be the avatar for the planet, as she tells Jake she feels Pandora’s pain and words. As such, just like Eywa sent animals to attack the invaders in the first movie, once Kiri hones her abilities and true calling, she may be able to weaponize flora and fauna for the war to come. Ultimately, it’d make her an emissary, controlling nature like a god and uniting all tribes to ensure no one harms Pandora anymore. (CBR.com)


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